Transformational (A Writing Exercise)

As promised in the 2nd video of our Inspiration series, here is a writing exercise we do that dramatically helps us find inspiration when we are in a rut!

In case you missed it, here is how to do this writing exercise:



Grab a book.

Close your eyes.

Open the book to any page.

Put your finger on a point on the page.

Open your eyes.

What word is your finger pointing to? Take that word and write it down. Now set a timer for 6 minutes and just start writing about that word. You can write WHATEVER comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be poetic or fancy. It can be a list or a rant or just whatever comes out. The point is to just let your brain take you on a journey and see where you end up.


We do this A LOT. Below you can read what each of us wrote about the word “transformational.”


Give it a shot! You can use this word that we picked, or you can pick your own word. Either way, we’d love to see what you end up writing. Send us what you write at or comment on this blog below so everyone can see. Whichever you prefer! Ok, here we go….






Change. Moving from one thing to another. What once was to what will be. But what about the middle? What will happen in the middle of the big transformation? Do you even realize you are having a transformation. LIke growing from childhood. Do you realize you are changing and growing or does it come at you like a ton of bricks one day? I want to be transformational. SOft like clay but sturdy like clay too. That’s the balance I guess. The clay makes a big transformation. Dirt, mixed with some water. Then molded and maneuvered and worked. SO worked. The clay gets worked. THen some final touches. Final moldings, final cutting away, trimming. But it resembles something. It has a shape, form, purpose. And then it gets thrown in the freaking fire. FIRE. BUt it was made to withstand the fire and it takes on its final form...ready and purposed. What a transformation.
I guess we’re all transforming and being transformed. New skin. New hair. New cells. New life.




Starting here, ending there. Going from one place to another. Growing, changing, becoming. I think of the times in my life that were transformational times. College. New jobs. Moving.
Cooking: taking ingredients and transforming them into one delicious item.
It’s scary, transformation. It’s exciting. How can it be both?
Looking back, I think most transformation has been good, but some still hurts. One thing I know is that we are always transforming--becoming something new.
What would the world be if nothing ever changed? Boring, redundant, stale.
Transformers. My brother’s toys when we were kids. I wanted to play with them too. I never saw the movie “Transformers” and I really don’t ever plan to.
The journey of transformation is never ending, always exciting, sometimes fun, sometimes terrifying. We can’t get away from it so why do we try?
From caterpillars to butterflies--the ultimate example of transformation. So much darkness--maybe pain? Loneliness in that cocoon, but so much beauty when you get to the other side.