Annie's Arrival (#31DaysofBlogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

You guys. We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of blogging through 2015 to share this news:

Our best friend Jenny, who we wrote the LULLABIES album for, HAD her baby yesterday morning.

Holy love fest....her name is Annie and she is perfect. I (Kate) was supposed to leave on a 5:30am flight but ended up changing my flight last minute so I could meet her before heading home to Colorado for Christmas. Best decision of my life. seriously. We got to meet her an hour after she was born and she is absolutely perfect. Our BFF Jenny was a champion and we are so proud and excited for their newest addition to their already incredible family.

Here’s the thing. We wrote the whole Lullabies album with Annie (and her brothers Jackson & Micah) in mind and here’s the fun part: If you have the album, song #3 “You Light Up Every Room” is just piano...well, that’s because we actually wrote a whole song with lyrics too but couldn’t reveal her name...If you want to hear the FULL version of “Annie (You Light Up Every Room)” you can listen soon! 

So, picture this:

Annie is born. John texts us. We jump up and down and go with Jenny’s mom, and Jackson & Micah (her new big brothers) to the hospital. We meet Annie. We get all googly eyed because she is HEAVEN. And yes, we did the most Nashville thing ever. Jill brought her baby Martin guitar (pun intended) to the hospital and WE PLAYED ANNIE HER SONG. We played Annie, Annie. Ahhhhhh!!!! We cried and we laughed and we celebrated this amazing new life. Life is such a gift.

Here we are going into the maternity ward with a guitar...hahaha. #onlyinNashville

Here we are going into the maternity ward with a guitar...hahaha. #onlyinNashville

We are so excited that we just HAD to share with y’all.

Ok, that’s all. We Hope that your December 21st was as memorable as ours was. Back to our regularly scheduled #31DaysOfBlogging tomorrow!