Why We Quit Worrying (#31DaysOfBlogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

If you have been following us for a bit, you know all about Song On The 17th. We started it almost 7 years ago and it’s become a J&K tradition that is one of our favs. Is "favs" a proper word? Dunno. :)

We took a little break from SOT17th over the past year because we just needed to. Sometimes you need to change things up. (PSA: Remember that and don’t be afraid of it. Is there something you need to take a break from in your life? Do it. It’s such a relief sometimes.)

We were doing a lot. Touring with other artists. In talks of doing a reality show. Recording albums. Trying our best to live balanced lives. And SOT17th became a point of stress that we needed to just step away from for a bit. So we took 9 months off from it. 

Then in September we wrote this song called “Quit Worrying” and decided, ya know what? It’s time to freaking BRING IT BACK. So we did!

The story behind Quit Worrying is so simple. It came out of a conversation we had. We realized that worrying had been sucking the life out of us recently. And we didn’t really feel like having the life sucked out of us. Even though we had circumstances surrounding us that definitely even warranted worry, it's not good for our bodies or souls and worrying WILL GET YOU NOWHERE. So, the answer was to just quit worrying. Simple enough, right? (Ha!) Right. Small steps, combatting one worryful thought at a time. When a worry creeps up, make a mental note to yourself: this is worry and I have decided to quit worrying. Make a list of affirmations/truths and keep them on your phone or write them down and keep them in your pocket. When worry pops up, fight it off with truth. Go through the affirmations. Remind yourself (lovingly) that everything will be OK. Take a moment to pray. Start listing things that you're thankful for. This, you guys, is the kicker--gratitude is such a good antidote to worry. Unlike worry, gratitude changes things.

So we started listing things we had been worrying about, then we tried to tell ourselves why it wasn’t worth worrying about such things and reminding ourselves of there truth we know:

“I’ve been worrying about everything, like if it’s right, the place I’m in....BUT IF IT’S WRONG, THEN I WILL TRY AGAIN...so I’m gonna quit worrying.
“I’ve been worrying about everything, like if I can bring enough money in...BUT MONEY WONT MATTER WHEN I'M SIX-FEET IN...so I’m gonna quit worrying.”

Like, guys. Anyone else freaked out because you take a look at your life and you thought that maybe you would be married with 2.5 kids because when you look around most of your peers are in that place and you aren't? So you begin to sink into worry about the choices you've made. Ah, but what's the truth? We are exactly where we are supposed to be in life. Having a husband and a kid doesn't make you a "whole" person.

Or--anyone else freaked out about money? Paying bills? 401k's say what? Again, reminding ourselves of truth. We are educated people. We aren't going to live on the streets. We have families that love us and won't let us starve. Plus, money doesn't make you "whole."  Crazy times when you realize your own worry is your own worst enemy. 

This song was just a message we needed to tell ourselves and then once it was finished, we realized it was for everyone. Because most of us are worriers! 

A lot of people emailed us about this song...a lot of people shared it on Facebook...and it was so nice to see people relate to it and feel like we were not the only ones. It’s why we do what we do...we hope to connect with other people through our music. We hope people don’t feel alone. We hope we don’t feel alone. We hope we all find one another and realize we’re all in this together. It’s so relieving to feel not alone, after thinking that you are.

We also decided to call our friend Ali Nelson to see if she would handwrite “Quit Worrying” in her amazingly cool handwriting so we could put it on shirts & hoodies and spread the message. She did this and it was AWESOME. 


Whenever we feel like worry is creeping back in, we throw on our QUIT WORRYING hoodies and all is well. You can get one too...or a V-neck tee if you prefer...hot or cold, worry be gone. 

We are glad to be back with SOT17th. We feel refreshed and ready to keep the fav tradition going. Really, think about your life and if there’s something you need to step away from for a bit, consider it. A little time away can be the renewal you need to feel fresh again down the line. 

Tomorrow we’re talking about how we said YES to another friend who asked us to take a random road trip with her on a whim....find out where we ended up! xo j&k