Down By The River (#31DaysOfBlogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

Booking was wacky for us this year because of the whole issue with getting fired and having our whole schedule change. Fun times!

In a perfect world, we would’ve played a bunch of J&K shows all over the place all year and seen each and every one of you in person, but we just couldn’t. Mostly the issue was that we didn’t plan on having so much open time and we didn’t book ahead, so opportunities were lost. But the other issue was that we really couldn’t afford to tour. We had to cancel a few shows (SORRY, we HATE doing that) in Michigan and the mid-west because we just couldn’t afford to lose money on them, which is what was going to happen. (Remember our $8 show!? hahaha, it is what it is.)

So, that being said, we didn’t have a TON of shows this year, but the ones that we did have were AWESOME

One of those AWESOME shows was right here in Tennessee...just about an hour outside of Nashville. It was at a festival called Riverfest and it was so much fun. 

We were stoked to have this show because it was close enough to where we live that there wasn’t a lot of overhead to get there plus, it was a really cool festival. So one day, we were looking at the Riverfest website trying to find directions or something (yes, we’re super prepared), and we noticed that our crazy talented friend, Charles Esten, was headlining the same night that we were playing! We texted him to tell him how pumped we were, and he said, “Come do a song with me!” 

Um, OK CHIP. WE WILL. (Chip, Charles...he goes by many names, but one of them that you may recognize, is Deacon Claybourne (Freakin Deacon)...the character that he plays on ABC’s show, Nashville. *swoon*

Chip is one of the kindest, most genuine people you will ever meet. Seriously. We do not say that lightly or flippantly. He’s wonderful. Also, he will make you laugh so hard, it will hurt. 

So we played our set at Riverfest (it was so windy, by the way!) and then headed over to Chip’s bus to work on a few tunes he had sent us. 

Side note: We recognize how freaking lucky we are here, guys. The friends and people we know in this town and in this industry who have opened doors for us, asked us to play with them, sing with them, open for them...we recognize how blessed we are to know these people and get these opportunities. We pinch ourselves on a regular basis.
This was us playing at Riverfest. What a beautiful backdrop!

This was us playing at Riverfest. What a beautiful backdrop!

So we got up on stage with Chip and his band, Sixwire, at Riverfest and we had the time of our lives. He is such an energetic performer. He gets everyone SO into it...and he never misses a note in the meantime. What a blast singing with him. Here’s a picture from that performance: 

What a night. We were thankful to only have a short ride home. Also, we were really hungry which seems to be a common theme after our shows...maybe we should be more prepared with snacks or something. But anyways, we went to the Wendy’s drive-thru on our way back home like the classy ladies that we are. :)

Can you say VALUE MENU?? Holla. 

Tomorrow on the blog, we’re back at home writing songs about worrying and how we quit it.