San Fran Shenanigans (#31DaysofBlogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

First of all, it’s KATE’S BIRTHDAY….so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BETTER PART OF JILL AND KATE!! I, Jill will be blogging, no Kate did not just write that about herself. I know what you were thinking. #HumbleBrag

ANYWAYS. Here we go...continuing through our year. Isn’t this fun? We think so.

We've been to California SO many times and played SO many shows there, but never had we ever played a J&K show in San Francisco...until August of this year!

We got invited by our buds Two Story Road to play a private show in Pebble Beach with them and a new friend Josh Roberts in mid-August. (On a side note, we had a blast playing at a private event to raise money for Parkinson’s disease with these guys. It’s so fun doing shows with your friends! Especially when it's for a great cause. Side note, Side note: Two Story Road just released a new EP and it's AWESOME. You should download it.)

Blurry pic but we we're having fun!!!!

Blurry pic but we we're having fun!!!!

At the gorgeous country club where the fundraiser was held with our lovely hosts Sam & Tricia!

At the gorgeous country club where the fundraiser was held with our lovely hosts Sam & Tricia!

We decided, since we were going to be out there already, that we should finally play in San Francisco! So we finished up in Pebble Beach and headed to the Golden Gate Bridge-ish.

We were going to be playing at a little venue and we were so stoked to play our first show ever in SF. Okay, remember earlier in our blogs, we told you about how we get to play all different kinds of shows which keeps us on our toes? This was one of them!

First of all, let us just tell you that we had a freaking blast on stage. So many of you guys, our loyal fans, came out to support sang along to EVERY WORD which was so incredible. It honestly makes it all worth it. And we really needed that because that night was hilariously frustrating in other ways.

We don’t always feel the need to share all the ins and outs of our shows, but in the vein of being honest with you about our year, we’re gonna tell you about this one.

There was a Giants game that night, so the town was hoppin’. We parked outside the venue at a meter which cost $17 to park at for the evening. Luckily, we found a spot RIGHT in front of the door. #Blessed ;)

...Because the guys who were playing after us parked down the street and the owner told them they had better move their car because there was a 100% chance it was going to get broken into where they parked it. Yikes. So we were grateful for a good, albeit expensive, parking spot.

We played the show and had a blast...and we got to talk to many of you afterwards which is always the best. Some of you have been following us for MANY years and to see your faces in the crowd, in your own town, well that was awesome.

But after that, we needed to hit the road. We were driving to Los Angeles (6 hours) and we were hoping to get a few hours, if not the entire drive, in that night. So I went to the door guy and asked if we could get the money we were owed for the night. (FYI, this is my least favorite thing to do, EVER. But somebody’s gotta do it and that “somebody” is usually Kate, so it was my turn.)

The door guy was sitting by the door, playing Solitaire on his phone. He would not look up at me. Here’s how the conversation went:

Jill: “Hey, how’s it going! We were just needing to hit the road so I was wondering if we could settle with you for the night.” (Easy-breezy)
Door Guy: “I can’t right now.” (Still playing Solitaire on his phone.)
Jill: “Okay, cool. When do you think you’ll be able to?”
Door Guy: “I mean, maybe I can in like 10 minutes.”
Jill: “Okay, great. I’ll come back in 10 minutes.” (#PeoplePleaserJill)


Jill: “Hey, just coming back to settle with you."
Door Guy: (Still playing Solitaire) “It’s busy and I can’t just leave the door.”

----No one was coming in or out of the door and no one had been for 10 minutes----

Jill: “Ok, well we need to hit the road so we really just need to settle and go if that’s cool.”
Door Guy: “Look, I can’t leave the door. I would have to go behind the bar and find the manager and I can’t do it.” (Still playing Solitaire. BY THE WAY, how long can one PLAY Solitaire without looking up to make eye contact? #askingforafriend)

So, this went on and on...and then I went to get Kate to see if she could get him to pay us. She has the ability to be a little more ASSERTIVE than I am, so it was worth a shot. Hey, at least I can say that I tried. (Another Adele reference, please and thank you.)

Kate: “Hey. We really need to get paid and get on the road. It’s 11:30 and the show is over.”
Door Guy: “Look, I don’t even know who you are!”
(THANKS new fan for standing up for us….you rock!)
Door Guy: “Look, I can’t help you. I don't know who you or that other girl even are. You have to wait til it’s less busy.” 

Guys, there were like 30 people there. No joke. If you were there, you can verify that. So we laughed and kind of went, "WELP, guess we are just staying here for a bit."

The funny thing is, we knew we weren’t going to make much money from the night. It was a new market for us and there were no local bands on the bill, so it was a very small show. We thought maybe we’d end up with enough money to put some gas in the tank and drive on our way to LA. So it wasn’t about the money, but we did need to get whatever we were owed and just get on the road.

The back and forth went on and on with the door guy. Bless his soul. FINALLY, Kate got the manager involved and he was super helpful. He figured it all out, walked us to the door and handed us an envelope. As he handed it to us, he said, “I’m really sorry.”

We were thinking, Oh, he must be sorry about how the door guy was acting.

"ALL GOOD!" we said.

We try to be low maintenance. This isn't life or death. This is a simple club gig. 

Then we looked on the envelope and it said “Jill and Kate -- $8.”

That's why he was saying sorry.

Decided it was worth documenting the infamous $8 dollar envelope the next morning. PS. We never have taken the $8 out…and we probably never will. 

Decided it was worth documenting the infamous $8 dollar envelope the next morning. PS. We never have taken the $8 out…and we probably never will. 

HAHAHAHHAHAAHA! We went back and forth forEVER over EIGHT DOLLARS. Remember that our sweet little parking spot cost $17? We got in the car and laughed and sort of cried.

We were out 9 bucks (haha) and we were so tired. We made our way down to Los Angeles, frustrated and tired, but still feeling filled up from the show. You win some, you lose some. It was a good reminder to us that how much money you make doesn't define you. The show itself that night was amazing. The time on stage was energizing and soul-filling. So, we still feel like we won.

San Francisco, WE WILL BE BACK! And we will invite that door guy to our show...maybe he'd be down for a game of cards beforehand? Seems he'd enjoy that! 

Tomorrow on the blog, we are back in LA...and we get a call from a friend that changes the course of our day....stay tuned!



PS. Hi friends. Kate here. Cute story about SF huh? Ahhhh've got to laugh or else you'll miss out. I wanted to take a second to say a HUGE (wink wink) thank you to everyone for all of the birthday love (and love in general over the past week.) It's only noon and I'm already overwhelmed with the kindness and warmth of so many of you. THANK YOU. I have a very deep sense of gratitude for the lovely souls God has placed in my life...and that includes you. We read every single comment and tweet and message and email and snail YOU are included in my life. So thanks for making a difference. You really do  make a difference. You are rocking my world and that makes this birthday girl incredibly happy. Go tell a friend how awesome they are. Go hug someone. Buy someone a coffee. You, my friends, are brave world-changers. LOVE LOVE LOVE you all. xo