When we were young (#31DaysofBLogging)

This blog is a part of a series #31DaysofBlogging … we are going through the year (2015) chronologically.

This blog is going to be about how we went to the Switchfoot and NEEDTOBREATHE show in August at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, but first we need to tell you how we got there….

See, when we lived in Los Angeles, (way back when), we had 2 friends named Scott and Isaac, who we affectionately call STIX and IZZY. We met met Stix and Izzy at the music school in Martha’s Vineyard where we met in college. They were go-getters...brilliant and charismatic, hard-working and straight-up FUN dudes.

Stix and Izzy decided to move to LA to get into the music business and they stayed with us for a little while until they were settled in to the big city. We all knew how to rock a good time together, living it up in Los Angeles, when we were young. (Adele reference, please and thank you.)

Oh snap. What is even happening in this pic? Feb 25, 2007 ladies and gents. HAHAHA.

Oh snap. What is even happening in this pic? Feb 25, 2007 ladies and gents. HAHAHA.

They put in their time, worked their butts off, and made their way up the ranks in various positions in the industry. These boys are the best.

In January of this year, we got a call from Izzy saying he was going to be in Nashville so we decided to get together for a grown-up dinner. We all met when we were in our EARLY twenties and here we were, all grown-up, doing big people jobs. We went out to dinner, and Izzy told us that he (and his beautiful wife Brittany & son) were going to be moving to Nashville! Why? Because he was going to be the GM of the new amphitheater that was being built downtown! In other words, he was a big dog now.

We reminded Izzy of the times he slept on our couch, how we showed him around LA, cooked him dinners...haha, we all had a good laugh and then he said, “Don’t worry guys, I remember...and I’m printing you guest passes so you can go to any show at the amphitheater that you want to go to.”

SCORE. (Love you, Izzy.)

So when we looked at the schedule for the year, we saw that Switchfoot and NEEDTOBREATHE were playing and we knew we HAD to go to that show. For one thing, Switchfoot. HELLO. A Walk To Remember? Dare You To Move? Enough said. But really, so many good songs from them. So many good albums…and they are genuinely good guys. 

And if you know Kate at all, you will know that she has this little habit of becoming majorly obsessive over songs. Like she will find a song she loves and play it over and over and over and over and over and over…...you get the idea.

Well one of these songs that she is obsessed with is “Brother” by NEEDTOBREATHE. You guys, this song has been played *3,037,492 times in her iTunes. (*approximately)

So we headed downtown, hit up Bakersfield (with our friends Tim & Katie…it was Katie's birthday….yipeeee) for some tacos and queso (OMGSOGOOD) and headed over to Ascend for the show. Both bands were so good. It was so inspiring be sitting outside in our own town, listening to really GOOD music. The show was phenomenal. These bands write good meaningful songs, they are excellent at their instruments, and they put on a great show.

It’s amazing how as a musician, seeing a good show can inspire you to be better at your own craft. These bands made us want to be better. To write music that matters. To have fun while doing it. 

It was a great night. Seeing Izzy running the show #LIKEABOSS was so much fun. And let's not forget about Stix. He has toured the world doing all sorts of things with some HUGE names...(Van Halen, ONE DIRECTION, yeah, we know...*googly eyes* 1D) and Stix is now the drummer for this INSANELY good band called Shiny Penny. PLEASE check them out. Their music is so good, their live show is phenomenal, and they are really great guys.

They say it takes a long time to grow old friends. We have been friends with Stix and Izzy for 10 years...and we will be friends with them forever. Some of the best dudes around. Again, it all comes back to relationships...that seems to be a common theme in our year and for that we are grateful. 

Coming up tomorrow, we head to CALI, CALI for some fun times! Also, tomorrow is Kate's BIRTHDAY.....just sayin!!