2010 from A-Z

We're going to make our way through the alphabet and highlight some of the awesome experiences we've had in 2010! Last year I think we did places we'd been that year from A-Z...this year it will be things we've done! A: African Safari---everyone should try to do this at some point in their life if possible...unbelieveable!

B: Benefit show for Houses of Hope in South Africa---what a phenomenal night!

C: CMC Tour---got to tour with the students from the Contemporary Music Center...so fun!

D: Dunk tank wars---had a 4th of July party that included a dunk tank...can't beat that.

E: Enjoyed traveling to each and ever country we visited this year---all 24 of them!

F: Fish Pedicures---had fish eat the dead skin off of our feet in Singapore. CRAZY!

G: Got to visit New Zealand for the first time ever---and watched people bungee jump off a really tall tower near our hotel.

H: Halloween at HOME---this was the first time in...a LONG time...that we haven't been on the road during Halloween!

I: Ice Skating in Nashville---did this last weekend and have been sore ever since!

J: Just about died while canoeing down the Harpeth River---no joke! Remember to steer clear of canoes!

K: Karaoke Night-Twitter Style---had a random Twitter party at Larry's Lounge and sang some awesome Karaoke!

L: Loaded up on SWEET CeCe's frozen yogurt---and plan on continuing to do so in 2011!

M: Mall of America show---we got to play at a mall...(like Tiffany!)

N: Next To Normal---saw this play on Broadway and it was so good!

O: One Tree Hill conversion---some of you got us hooked on this show...ahhhh!

P: Paul McCartney---went to his show at Bridgestone Arena in July...pretty amazing!

Q: Quelf---we've said it before and we'll say it again: This game is so random and awesome!

R: Roadtrip to Texas---To see Kings of Leon and The Black Keys. YES and YES.

S: Songs on the 17th Album---Had so much fun making this album in our living room!

T: Toadies---This was one of the best shows we've been to ever. LEGIT.

U: Underwater adventures with sharks---shark diving in cages...so scary and awesome!

V: Vegas trip! Started playing Roulette and LOVED it!

W: Wore flip-flops way past flip-flop season---just because, why not?

X: X-Rayed a J&K Mug---okay, WE didn't do this per se...one of our lovely MugShots winners did...and it was actually a cat scan...but X is really a hard letter to work with, so you'll give us this one, right?

Y: Yoo-hoo Re-discovery---re-discovered how amazing Yoo-Hoo chocolate milk is. So thankful for that re-discovery. :)

Z: Zestfully wrote this blog---and totally reached on this last one, but HEY, it's true!

Happy Christmas Eve EVE.