2 Things On My Mind...

1. While running errands, I had my radio on and heard an ad for a local nightclub.  They were advertising a competition that was called "itty bitty" (or something to that effect) and the grand prize was a breast enhancement! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? I could not believe that they were using that as a prize...what has the world come to?? I literally said, "WHAT?" out loud...by myself...in my car.  That's the end of my rant.  Enough said. 2. "Overhead-Bin Bullies"

So, if you ever happen to see us in the airport, you'll see us each with our backpacks (mine is WAY cooler cause mine has wheels), our purses and generally a tall Starbucks...(can't drink too much before you get on a plane, ya know?) So on our last flight, Jill and I had boarded early...set our backpacks nicely above us in the overhead bin and started settling in to our exit row seats :) Shortly thereafter, a woman boarded who had a seat in front of us and asked if she could move our backpacks and stack them on top of each other so she could fit her small suitcase in our spot.  Jill immediately looked down to avoid eye contact & confrontation and I politely said, "Sorry, but no." I didn't want our computers to get crushed and since my backpack has wheels, it could and would have done some damage to Jill's. So more time passes and one of the last passengers to board, strolls up to our area and declares to the 25 people around us..."I'm going to move these backpacks and take them down 6 rows and shove them in a tiny spot so I can fit my bag in this spot."  I could not believe it....twice in ONE flight.  Just because our bags aren't as big, people were trying to take our spot.  So I, for the second time on this flight, looked her square in the eyes and just said, "No. Sorry. We'd like our bags to stay there.  Thank you."  She was not pleased.  But I was...it felt really good to say no.  Not becauase I was trying to be a jerk--but because gosh darn it, I don't like being bullied on a plane. 

Alright...that's all for now.