140 Characters Just Won't Do.

So, this started as a tweet and there was no way to widdle down the words enough to say what we needed to say.We were thinking about how FREAKING-UNBELIEVABLY excited we were to be playing our very first international jillandkate shows and it made our heads spin for a second. Some of the people that are coming to the shows on Monday & Tuesday have been fans for six plus years and have never seen us play live. That's insane. We cannot say enough how much your long-distance support has meant to us and we are so happy that we finally get to come to your neck of the woods and play our songs for you guys. Cause see your long-distance love & support has never felt long-distance. You guys stay up late or wake-up early to catch online shows or chats, you tweet us, comment on blogs, you buy our songs on iTunes & Instagram pics of you sporting j&k apparel...so your love has never felt long-distance & for that we cannot thank you enough.

We also want to acknowledge that we know the UK is not the only place we need to get to playing a show. We have seriously been blown away by the fans all over the world that have asked us to play a show in their country or city--heck there are fans right here in our country that have never seen us play live either. And you know what? We are changing that this year. 2013 is our year and we're coming for you.

Please trust us & know that we are working really hard to play a show for each & every one of you. We are making plans, strategizing and scheming to figure out ways to play more live shows. 2013 is the year of jillandkate. Just kidding. We think it's the year of the snake...haha..who knows but the year of jillandkate just has a better ring to it? Haha.

We couldn't have made it this far without you guys. We won't let you down. If you feel so inclined to leave a comment letting us know the city or country you're in & would like us to play please do so :)

Hope each of you feels the thankfulness in our hearts.

We love you guys.


PS. We installed a new "commenting" platform so that we can eliminate spam & continue the conversation with y'all through comments. Feel free to comment away!