1 Year Ago.

Happy December 9th everyone. A year ago today we released our EP "Finding My Own Way." Honestly, we didn't remember until someone very kindly tweeted us and reminded us. See now that's something funny that's happened over the last year...twitter. A year ago we didn't say things like twitter or tweet. But now we do. So thanks to all who follow along with us on that magical ride called Twitter.

We've got 3 shows left with the KC gang....these have been some of the most fun shows we've ever done! If you've come out to a show you've probably seen the massive smiles on our faces.

And thanks to everyone who has been so kind and generous to us over the year. Whether it's coming out to shows, sending us sweet messages, commenting on our blogs...We really, really do appreciate it !

I do believe I (kate) got a super sweet and AWESOME gift bag for my bday--which is in 1 week from today (WOOHOO)--so thank you to everyone that contributed! I will post some pics modeling the hats, but not right now because I haven't showered in dayssss. True story. So maybe tomorrow I'll post some pics :) But seriously...THANK YOU!

In January the J and the K-ster are gonna be recording again...yup...another true story.

Jill bought Scattergories To-Go at Target today! That's a fun game. You should play.