Don't Be A Fun Sponge

I heard a great new phrase and I feel like it’s worth sharing. I went to visit some family yesterday while here in Florida, and spent a few hours with an 11 year old younger cousin of mine.

Kids are the best because they come out with some great wisdom if you listen closely enough. My mom asked him what the rules of his house were and he said told us that they just have two rules:

1) You can’t hit someone else....unless they hit you first. (This is either brilliant or the worst rule ever. I haven’t decided. 😂 )

2) Don’t be a fun sponge.

DON’T BE A FUN SPONGE! I asked him to explain that rule and here’s what he said.

“A sponge absorbs water and a fun sponge absorbs fun. So basically, don’t suck the fun out of everything.”

Maybe I'm a simpleton, but I kind of think this is brilliant. I’m into that rule. I can get on board with it. I don’t wanna be a fun sponge when it comes to life. I’d rather add to the fun. I think I will make it a rule in my household someday.

So, that was my little life lesson that I learned yesterday thanks to my cousin Jake.

May none of us be fun sponges (and may we never hit anyone either.) HA!

Until tomorrow, 


Weekend Vibes


Weekend motivation:

  • Do what you love.
  • Follow your crazy dreams.
  • Do what makes your heart beat faster.
  • Say yes.
  • Say no.
  • Stay hopeful.
  • Stay grateful.
  • Make waves.
  • Go against the grain.
  • Try again.
  • Follow your heart.
  • Say no to regret.

You might be thinking...all of that sounds like gravy but how do I ACTUALLY do all of that.

We'll tell you:

  1.  Do the next best thing. That means, take whatever step you can. Take the next, best, logical (or illogical) step that you can take.  But the key here is ACTION. Movement. Write that email. Make the phone call. Go for the jog. Lace up your shoes. Clear you calendar. Ask the guy out on the date. Take action. Action creates other action. 

That's a way to start. Now you're on your way. And that's all you have to do. Start. Now's the time cause none of us are promised tomorrow. Go and do. We desperately need your idea. Your passion. Your heart. Don't believe the lie that someone else is already doing it or going to do it...we need YOU

Now go kick some ass. We're cheering you on.



Put Your Feet Up

This is just a reminder to you today: Take time to rest. Do whatever you need to fill up, even it’s just a small thing.

Put your feet up.

Take a bath.

Light a candle.

Have a glass of wine.

Read a book.

Hide your phone.

Take a nap.

Take a walk.

Look at the clouds.



We’re all busy. Running around. Working hard. Feeling frazzled. Rest is necessary and sometimes you need to give yourself permission to do so.

So, go ahead. Take it easy. You will thank yourself in the end.

That’s all for today. 

Bucket List Travel Places

Since yesterday we told you about some of our favorites things about NYC...a city that we've visited a bunch of we thought we'd tell you about some places we've never been. We are in another airport today. YAY travel! So, we thought we’d tell you our top 3 destinations of where we want to travel and also show you some of the places on our must-go-travel-and-see-soon list (all images taken from Pinterest):


Mainly to see the Northern Lights, but recently we’ve been seeing pics from other people’s trips and it just looks magical. The colors, the landscape and ICELAND people. Iceland. It just sounds so freakin’ bad ass.


Bora Bora

Any destination that is named twice is good enough for us? AMIRIGHT? One of those little huts over the water will do just fine. Snorkeling is one of our most favorite activities and so the thought of being able to snorkel right from you “door-step” just sounds incredible. The color of the water looks insane. Beach + book + fruity drink = hello perfection.


Santori, Greece

We blame Pinterest with this fascination. The sunsets, the food, the all looks so dreamy so it’s now on the must-see list.


Where are your top places to travel to or visit?

We wanna know.



NYC, Yeah You Know Me


We absolutely love traveling and exploring new cities. One of the places we decided we MUST go on our walkabout was one of our favorite places, New York City. We're going to re-cap the trip and give you a couple of go-to tips & tricks for making the most out of your NYC trip! Now, we're no NYC pros, so don't get us wrong here, but we've been a time or two, and if you're planning a first time visit, we thought we'd let you know everything we've learned about making it the best it can be.

How to get around:

First and most important travel tip we give anyone when venturing out for the first time in NYC is this: Wear comfortable shoes! The best way to see and explore the city is to walk...and walk we did! In three days, we walked almost 23 miles--that’s almost a marathon! Yes, our feet are a little sore, but the sore muscles are well worth it! However, if walking isn’t your thing--don’t worry, cabs and Ubers are everryyyyyywhere. We hopped in a few along the way when we couldn't take the blisters anymore. ;)

Where we stayed:

We hopped around to a few different places, but one of the new places we stayed on this trip was at The Park Lane Hotel and the location is enough to make you want to move in and never leave! From the moment you’re greeted by front desk, you start to feel the hustle of the city outside fade away and relaxation kick in. The staff at the front desk were warm and welcoming and even let us check-in early. :) The rooms are cozy in feel, but spacious in square footage--generally rooms are teeny-tiny in NYC, but the rooms here had plenty of space. They offer city views and park views and both are spectacular. Our absolute favorite discovery of this hotel was that every night from 5-7 they have a “hotel reception” in the Park Room. Ahhhhhh, the Park Room--what's not to love? We knew we would love the view, but we were curious to see what they had to offer and were absolutely wowed! The Park Room looks right over Central Park and they serve hors d’oeuvres, sparkling wine, beer, beverages and snacks. ALL YOU CAN DRINK PROSECCO. Say it again. ALL YOU CAN DRINK PROSECCO.  They even have milk & cookies for the younger guests, but who needs that when there's ALL YOU CAN DRINK PROSECCO. Got it? Sipping free bubbly and overlooking Central Park--yes please!

Sipping on some wine in the free happy hour :)

Sipping on some wine in the free happy hour :)


We popped into our favorite sushi spot, Koi, for lunch. The food there is inventive and creative with more offerings than just your standard sushi rolls. Our three favorite dishes are their famous crispy rice with spicy tuna, crispy rice with truffle avocado, and their rock shrimp hand rolls.


We didn’t even get a picture of the rock shrimp hand roll because we ate it so quickly. Haha...what can we say? We were hungry from all that walking! The food is so good. Our secret tip: order a side of ponzu sauce. Dip your sushi in the ponzu instead of traditional soy sauce for a flavor burst! Other items to order are: Spicy Seared Albacore, Tuna Tartare, Glazed Green Beans (they sounds mundane, but they are so yummy!)

New Favorite Discovery:

We are always looking for new fun things to try, and when we heard about this next spot, we knew we had to go and check it out. Our friend JJ brought us here and it was magical. It’s called Murray’s Cheese Shop and it’s incredible. It’s in the West Village and it’s a shop that is dedicated to all different cheeses and meats...pretty much heaven if you ask us :) Their shop is laid out so beautifully and they have everything you need to make the most killer cheese plate of your entire life. They have classes and tastings that they pair with different wines and beers! They also have a restaurant a couple doors down where we settled in and enjoyed some of the best cheese we’ve ever had. We are already dreaming of returning because really, is there ever enough cheese in your life? No, never.


Cheap Eats:

If you’re like us, when you travel frequently, it’s fun to splurge on a great fancy meal, but it’s also nice to save some money when you can. While we were walking, we passed a coffee shop called Matto Espresso that said “Everything $2” which definitely caught our attention. We peered inside and it looked like an adorable coffee shop -- what did they mean everything was $2? We decided to give it a go and had one of the best vanilla, almond milk lattes we’ve ever had! They had pastries and cookies--loads of gluten free and vegan items--all for $2. Can you say score? Save your dolla-dolla bills for your sushi -- go with the $2 coffee!


Another important thing to note about NYC is that they have incredible pizza shops. There’s nothing like grabbing a late night slice after a night out on the town. Warning--the slices are generally bigger than your face, but are so delicious. You can get a great slice for under $3 bucks! There’s even a spot called 2 Bros Pizza that has $1 slices! Yessssssss.


If you need some zen in the city:

There is nothing quite like the energy you experience on the streets of New York and that’s what makes Central Park such a haven. It’s this vast escape of green that seems endless when you’re inside, yet you’re surrounded by high rise buildings and bustling cabs down adjacent streets. On Saturday morning we grabbed an egg on a roll (another cheap eat--bacon, egg & cheese on a roll will set you back like $5 bucks and will make your heart sing because it’s so delicious) and sat in the park on a bench. The sky was blue and the view was so stunning. People passed with their strollers and happy puppies enjoying the fresh air. It’s truly a wonderful escape if you’re needing some time to clear your head from the busy streets!


We hope you’ve learned something from our trip to NYC that will be helpful the next time you explore the big apple! Our motto is: if you want a successful trip, look for the small wonders in every moment--that will make your journey not only memorable, but meaningful.

If you haven't heard it yet, we have a whole podcast episode about this NYC trip. It's called People are People and it's Episode 2 on our Girls Just Pod To Have Fun podcast!

Until tomorrow,



More or Less.


It’s me Kate. I wanted to share some things that I’ve been thinking about recently. This walkabout has given me a great space to think and ponder about life. At times in the past, life has moved so quickly that I haven’t had time in the moment to process, but this walkabout has been different. Maybe it’s the weekly podcast forcing me to check-in with my head and heart to talk about what’s going on in my head…I don’t know. It’s been different. 

Anyway, I was thinking about the person that I’m turning into to. What I want my life to look like. How I want to feel. I made a quick list of more and less that I wanted. The below list sort of tumbled out. 

  • Less guilty. 
  • More humble. 
  • More in the moment.
  • More dancing. 
  • Less planning ahead. 
  • More letting go. 

Less guilty. I find myself feeling guilty a lot. Little or big things. Guilty feelings for not texting someone back. Guilty feelings for not sending my nephew a birthday card. Guilty for eating that bag of potato chips. Whatever it is, just lots of feeling that I’m not quite meeting the mark. That I'm not enough. But, who made that mark anyway? Where is that standard coming from? I’m trying to learn to extend the same grace to myself as I’ve been trying to extend to others: I’m doing the best I can. Throw guilt out the freakin’ car window, Kate. Let it go. Guilt helps no one.

More humble. I don’t think I’m a super braggy person or anything…haha or at least I hope not! I’ve just noticed in others how attractive humility is. When someone doesn’t consider themselves above others, ugh, it’s just so attractive to me. My friend Bob says: “Humble voices carry the furthest.” Yes, so true. I’ve also realized how badly I want approval from people. I hate even typing that because it feels hella vulnerable. But, it’s true. I want the “attagirl” or the approval from others and I am trying to let that go. All I need approval from is me and God. No one else. 

More in the moment. This was/is my number one goal for this walkabout. To be in every moment. Fully present. Fully feeling it all. Not worrying about past or future…letting expectation fall to the wayside and just BE. It’s a hard thing for me to practice, but it’s a practice…I have good days and bad days…but I'm trying to not feel guilty when I don’t do the best job. 

More dancing. Because, hello? Dancing is fun and I think as I get older I get more reserved or rational or I -don’t-know-what, but I want to dance more. What did Amy Poehler say:


Yes please. Make me childlike so that when I hear the music, even if it’s in my own head, I won’t be afraid to surrender to the music and DANCE.

Less planning ahead. This goes back to more in the moment. I’m always thinking ahead. When I park my car, I am thinking about how I’m getting out of that parking space. It’s always going. My brain is constantly thinking in the future. And I want to change that. More right now. More what’s in front of me. More what do I see/hear/smell/touch right now. The future will take care of itself, of that I’m sure. And I don’t want to miss it...the it that’s right in front of me.

More letting go. Hurts, fears, anxiety…the big and little stuff. The massive heartaches and times I’ve been screwed over. The small inconsequential hurt feelings. The expectations of “how I thought life would be” and the dreams that haven’t come to pass yet. Letting it go will make you lighter and that’s what I’m after. 

Yeah, so that’s where I’m at right now. What are you trying to have more of or less of in your life? I’d love to hear. 

Much love,


Pod Goals.

Hey, guys. Jill here. In case you didn’t know, we started a podcast a few weeks ago and we are having such a good time doing it. It’s called “Girls Just Pod To Have Fun”....yes, partly I love doing it because I love saying the name of it. Ha!

But, honestly, I love it. Are you into podcasts? I’ve been into podcasts for a couple years...I was late to the game, I know, but I got to a point where I needed something to listen to on long drives or while working out when music wasn’t doing it for me. I found a few that I liked and then I was HOOKED.

My favorites are mysteries, crime or Dateline-type podcasts. Serial, of course. Dirty John, S-Town, A Killing On The Cape, A Murder on Orchard Street. SUPER LIGHT STUFF! :)

But, really, on a less aggressive note, Oprah’s Soul Sessions, Shauna Niequist’s podcast if you want some inspiration...Strangers if you want some good storytelling, and...Gilmore Guys, if you’re feeling really light-hearted. I COULD GO ON ALL DAY, but I won’t .

Kate and I had talked about hosting our own podcast for a few years, but never really felt like we had a good topic or purpose for one. THEN, we sold everything we owned and totally flipped our lives upside down and decided, what a perfect time!

If you haven’t been listening, you can binge 5 episodes right now. We take you with us from Nashville to Vermont to New York To Colorado to Los Angeles, back to Nashville again and beyond. You can hear us talk to Ben Higgins (what up Bachelor nation), Ally Fallon (This will inspire the crap out of you) and of course, Kate and I talk to each other like it’s our job when we don’t have guests on with us. We tell you the story of how we got to different points in our career and the emotions we’ve encountered along the way. Also, we like to keep it somewhat light, so we talk about things like revolving doors, sushi, and lots of wine. *cheers*

Tomorrow, it’s all about me! (?!) Kate took over the microphone and used her hosting skills to ask me all the questions you could ever want to know about me. What would I bring to a deserted island? What song made me fall in love with music? Who is my celebrity crush? I know you are dying to know the answers to these riveting questions. Well, tomorrow, you can find out.  

Check it out and thanks for letting us make our dream of being podcast hosts a reality.

( PS: If you don't have Apple Podcasts or iTunes, you can listen at )



Play By Kid's Rules.

Let’s talk about kids for a sec. (No, neither of us are expecting, but thanks for playing. ) 

Being a kid is grand. For many reasons, but let’s just talk about one. Imagination and unreal expectations. That’s what’s so awesome about being a kid—the possibilities are endless, because no one has gotten into your head telling you what is or is not possible. 

Let’s revert back to that childlike state for a moment, shall we? What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? What calls would you make? What adventure would you start on? 

Before you start making a list of all of the reasons why you CAN’T, or why it wouldn’t work because of excuse number 746…pause that, and start letting yourself brainstorm for a bit. What, when you think about doing it, makes your heart beat faster? What do you go to bed thinking about? What have you thought about that makes you start a sentence with “I wish…”

Here’s what’s crazy. The only thing that’s stopping you from doing that list of things you just made is YOU. It’s true. Your body is going to believe whatever your brain tells it over and over again. And, here’s another awesome thing. Failure isn’t failure. If you try one of the things on your list and it doesn’t work out or it ends, guess what? Failure is just moving you towards the future—you fail forward, as one person wiser than us once said. 

Yasssss. Fail forward. Get moving. Possibilities are endless. 

So we say: GO FOR IT. Will it be scary? Yes. Will it be a lot of work? Yes (because all of the great things in life generally are.) Will it be worth it? Absolutely. 

What are you going for today? 

Here's what we are going for: this crazy music dream. Getting our music on the radio. Playing sold-out stadiums. Winning Grammy's. 

You've got this.


PS. Have you sent us your address for a Christmas card delivery? before 12/8!


We Want To Send You A Christmas Card

We want a DO OVER. A Christmas card do over.

In 2008, we thought it would be a really fun idea to send all of our amazing fans Christmas cards. You all mean SO much to us and so we thought it would be a great little token of our appreciation. Well, mosssssssst of you received your Christmas cards that year, but a good portion of you did not because the post office monster ATE THEM. Literally. You can read about it here. And here. It was a fiasco.

So, we are going to do it again this year. Hooray! Cause getting something other than billz in the mail RULES ALL.

That’s right. Send us your mailing address because we want to send you a warm holiday greeting in the mail! What’s better than real, actual mail? Nothing! 

Email us your snail mail address here and put CHRISTMAS CARD in the title:

We are so grateful for each and every one of you. Seriously, we are so lucky to have you on our team. We always say that we have the greatest, most incredible fan base because you are the best. You all inspire us daily and we are always astounded by the messages, comments and tweets we receive. We couldn’t do what we do without YOU and that’s the truth. So, let us send you a small token of love and appreciation in the mail (and hopefully the post-office monster won’t destroy them this time.)

We hope you feel our love on this glorious Saturday!


PS. Please send us your address no later than December 8th!

Kicking off #31DaysofBlogging With A Free Gift!

Hey party people, it’s December 1st. Which means today is day number 1 for 31 days of blogging. Yeahhhh. We are excited and are so glad that you’re here and reading this right now. 

We are going to be blogging about all sorts of random, fun stuff this month, but we wanted to start out this blogging spree with A FREE GIFT! Holidays can be stressful and exhausting, so our gift to you is to help you rest and sleep. 

We have a whole album of lullabies that will help you sleep and hopefully bring peace to your home this holiday season (and well, every season after that too.)

It's been tried and tested AND we offer a money back guarantee. Just kidding, it's free so there is no money involved. 

Ok, that's all. This blogging season is going to be funnnnnnn.

Here's the link to grab the whole album for FREE!


If you already have the album, pass it along to a friend!

Love and sugar-buzzes,



What A Tree Taught Me


Got up early for a run & the sun was just coming up (thanks Daylight Savings.) I am loving being in Denver--there is the most charming park near my friend’s house & it was almost empty as I ran down the winding path this morning. I had to stop to take this pic of this tree. There is something about trees that I love. They are grounded. Confident. Standing so tall. They don’t fret over the seasons changing. They understand that loss is a vital part of change and growth. They withstand pain and brokenness. They’re steady. They do not fear the future or whether or not their needs will be met.  And that’s just what you see on the surface. Their roots go down deep and that’s where they find their strength. If there is something that I want for myself during this walkabout season--it’s that my roots will go down deep. That I’ll be grounded in Love. Confident. That I will stand tall. That I will not fret over seasons changing. That I will understand that loss is a vital part of change and growth. That I will withstand pain and brokenness. That I will not fear the future or whether or not my needs will be met. And that what you see on the surface will be only a small part of my roots that go down deep into Love.


We Have a Podcast! Episode 1: Walkabout

Our brand new podcast: GIRLS JUST POD TO HAVE FUN is available NOW! You can download the first episode here and subscribe here! We are brand spankin' new to the podcast world and we would LOVE your reviews/subscription/feedback.

If you're a none Apple/iTunes user you can also listen to the entire thing online right here:

If you like the podcast, please share this link on social media--it helps us out so much when y'all do that. We also have a free gift for you--but you have to listen to find out what it is :)

Here's a little bit about what the podcast is about:

Do you feel stuck? Did you think you would be somewhere else in life by now? Join singer-songwriter duo Jill and Kate, as they sell their belongings, hit the road, try to re-ignite creativity, and get fun back in their lives. They're taking a journey and they're taking you with them...discussing what to do when life doesn't go the way you planned. They aren't afraid to talk openly about failure, fears, and how to get fun back in your life--they'll even be interviewing "fun-spiration" guests. This podcast will hopefully make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to get unstuck too. 

We've been blogging a bit more about our adventures and if you're wondering what our adventures are all about, you can start by reading here

We've also been finishing up 4 brand new SONGS in the studio. That's right. We're in the mixing process right now but that means that brand new j&k music will be making its way to your speakers in the near-ish future. We LOVE these songs and hope you will too. Not sure yet on a release date but don't worry--we will keep you in the loop.

Side-note: if you're reading this and find yourself in a difficult spot, we want you to know that you're not alone. You are stronger than you think and things do change. They will get better. We believe we're all in this together and we want you to know that we're cheering you on. Also, read this--it might help :)

Alright good people, let's do this. 

Let's all:

  1. Be good to each other. 
  2. Download the new podcast.
  3. Smile.
  4. Believe something awesome is going to happen today.

Much love,
Jill and Kate

Things we're loving:

Peppermint Mocha Creamer
(because hello it's the best thing everrrrrr. especially this time of year. yay all things fall and christmas)

Away Luggage 
(the suitcase pictured below has a charger in it so you can charge your phone while waiting for your flight! BEST EVER.)

Option B
(this book is awesome. buy it. read it. let it rock your world and give you hope.)


Vermont, I Love You

Bouncing Around Boston


Bouncing Around Boston

A few Fridays ago we decided to take a day trip to Boston. We both went to college just outside of Boston on the North Shore so we are quasi-familiar with the city, but decided to really get lost in the city--no plans, just to enjoy the day and see what happens.


And let’s just say that it was one of the most spontaneously magical days we’ve ever had... and it included multiple people bringing us free booze. No lie. But we’ll get to that.


We parked at around 10am and decided the first stop needed to be brunch. We found a tiny little spot that boasted great reviews and so not shockingly it was JAM PACKED when we arrived. There were 2 seats open at the bar so we jumped on them. We both got a version of eggs benedict--which was sort of weird for both of us to order such similar things but...we’re glad we did! It was so delicious.


We left full and happy and decided to hit the streets. We walked and walked...and it was perfect weather. We stopped in some stores to do some shopping--thank you Nordstrom Rack for always being there for us in a time of need. Haha. We're trying to keep it simple seeing that we just sold almost everything we own...but the season is changing and we realized we don't have all the proper attire! 

The only thing that we did have planned for the day was to meet up with a guy named Will who had reached out to us about doing an interview for his college paper. We met up at a coffee shop and chatted with him about our new adventures, the podcast, and our new music we’ve just finished recording. Will was super sweet and you can read his interview with us here.


After wrapping up with Will, we decided to wander around some more and shop/see whatever we could. There is just something about seeing a city by foot--it’s such a wonderful way to discover a place...even if you’ve been there a bunch of times...seeing things from that vantage point will open your eyes to new things.

At around 4pm we were a little tired of walking and decided it was the perfect time for a margarita. We used Yelp to help lead us to the best little Mexican place, Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar, where we grabbed some seats at the bar and rested our weary feet. Since it was only 4 o’clock-ish, the place was relatively empty but that changed quickly. We got some margaritas and chips & guac. This is basically all you need in life, are we right?


As the bar filled up, we noticed some people waiting behind us and noticed that a few of their party would be able to sit if we scooched down a seat. We offered and they were super thankful. So thankful in fact that they were like, we want to buy your next drink since you were so nice to scooch. {small fun fact...who doesn’t love the word scooch?} We declined, but they insisted. HOW NICE ARE PEOPLE? We made new friends from Wisconsin, drank our drinks, took a selfie with our newfound friends and gave up our coveted bar stools.


We started walking and asked our friend Meghan who works in Cambridge if she could meet us for dinner and she said yes. Why was this day just so perfect? Spontaneous plans are the best plans. So we walked across the Harvard Bridge and met her...then walked to an Italian Place called Sulmona.


The place was awesome and our server was the sweetest. Then somehow, when we thought the day was pretty perfect and couldn’t really get much better...the manager/owner brings us a free bottle of bubbly. Not sure if he thought we were someone else (haha) but he said it looked like we were having a fun girl's night & that we needed a bottle of bubbly. What was happening?


Anyway, it was awesome. But the point of the day was not about free was about enjoying every moment. What we’re learning on our walkabout is that gratitude can be found in every single second of the day--you just have to choose it. And you have that choice to choose joy and gratitude in every moment--it’s up to you.

We loved our adventures in Boston. What a great city. Can’t wait to return and play a show next time. So many dear ones that we’d love to see at a show.

Love you all,


A Few Weekend Thoughts From Jill

Hi guys. 

Here are few random thoughts for you that I've been thinking on. Have a great weekend!


1. Rest is necessary for growth.


In case you need a reminder..

In case you are running a million miles an hour…

In case you are being too hard on yourself and expecting more out of yourself than you would out of others....

In case you are exhausted and can’t remember this right now…

Rest is important. It is okay. In fact, it is GREAT. It is necessary. Take a have permission.


2. Think about what you think about.


I heard this on a podcast today and it has stuck with me all day. What am I thinking about? What am I giving space to. What am I creating or missing out on due to my thought life? I’m trying to remember to think POSITIVE thoughts, happy, life-giving thoughts, kind and generous thoughts.


3. “i” before “e” except after “c”.


Grammar is WEIRD, right?


4. Let’s all do one act of kindness this weekend. Wanna?


Maybe it’s bringing a neighbor a treat. Maybe it’s paying for the coffee of the person behind you in the drive-thru. Maybe it’s calling or shooting a text to an old friend saying you’re thinking of them. Do whatever you want, but let’s all do it. Sound good? Ok, can’t wait.


5. You’re THE BEST.


And that’s all I have to say about that.


Happy Friday and MUCH LOVE.



Vermont, I love you.

First off. Thanks to everyone who has sent us sweet messages, emails and tweets after that last blog. It really means so much hearing from you as we go venture out into the feels like you are here with us and that makes us feel less alone. So, thank you. It’s like you’re in our pockets with us and so you get to adventure with us.


Last week, right after posting that blog, we left for a weekend adventure in Vermont with two friends to celebrate both of their birthdays! YOU GUYS. I’m officially in love with Vermont. How is this magical place still a secret? I feel like Vermont doesn’t have nearly the street cred it should’s quaint, lovely and everyone is kind. And the food. You know my love for food and cocktails and Vermont did not let me down.

Just as a preface, things that are important to me in life, but especially on a vacation are: beautiful aesthetics and surroundings, great food, great cocktails/wine & some sort of physical activity. There will be a lot of the aboveforementioned things in this blog. 

We drove about 2.5 hours from New Hampshire and arrived in the dark so we didn’t have much context for the town, but arrived in Killington where we’d be spending the weekend. I (Kate) got super excited and giggly when I found the town name and proceeded to say: “we’re gonna be killing-it in Killington” and it was probably just as annoying as you think it would sound cause I said it any chance I could. All the other girls are from New England so they’re familiar with the town because it’s where people go ski, but I was new and LOVED my new catchphrase. #killingitinkillington

We arrived and got all checked in. We’d found this adorable mountain lodge online that’s nestled right in town. It had big leather chairs and over-sized couches surrounding multiple fireplaces, a giant hot tub, fire pits and a little cozy bar. We were either on a mountain vacation or on set for a new Hallmark Christmas movie (my literal dream.)


Obviously, we hit the bar first where I ordered an old fashioned (I know I’m an 85 year old man) but the bartender asked if I’d rather have a Manhattan. I’ve never had anyone ask me that and she proceeded to tell me that it would be the best Manhattan I will have ever had in my whole life. How was I supposed to say no to that?


She poured our drinks from their pretty fancy glasses into plastic ones so we could go sit out by the fire pit/hot tub area. It was a tad chilly outside but the fire (and whiskey) kept us warm.


Here’s the first thing that I loved about this place that I want to take with me. Fire pit culture. It’s a thing. People come and sit around the fire and they want to talk. We weren’t sitting there 10 minutes before we made our first new friends and it was awesome. It’s like when you come to the fire pit and pull up a chair you are expected to be kind, cool, and talkative. Everyone making small talk about where they’re from, what they’re doing in the mountains for the is really quite lovely. It’s like there's an unwritten rule that you are not allowed to be an asshole if you take a chair around fire pit. People come and go as they please and it’s just casual but personable. Ya know? It was funny because a group of 4 women who were a little older than us came and sat down...they had us ROLLING in laughter. Sort of fun to see the 4 of them and the 4 of us. Anyway, we talked about Nashville, the adventure we’re on and when we told them that we were a duo they didn’t believe us and forced us to sing a line of a song to see if we were telling the truth. Bahaha.


We got up the next day and ate the hotel breakfast because it was FREE and amazing. Can you say homemade cinnamon and sugar donut balls? And 12 different kind of homemade jams to go on your homemade bread? Heaven. Nothing better than sipping pumpkin spice coffee and eating fresh toast in your sweatpants with your I right? 


One of the things we all wanted to do was hike, so after breakfast we set out to find a trail. We knew we wanted something that would deliver awesome views but not something that was going to have us re-enacting any part of 127 hours if you know what I mean. The hike we picked was about an hour each way and so we decided to do it. Ok, it also had an Irish pub at the bottom. That is why we picked the trail. Good people, I cannot hide the truth-- that is why we picked this hike because we heard you can get a nice cold beer at the end of you hike. DREAMS PEOPLE, DREAMS. And by beer I mean cider because I don’t drink beer, but that’s a whole other blog.


The hike was gorgeous. Fall colors swirled all around us. Greens, reds, oranges...the first half of the hike had a serious incline that got our glutes burning but it leveled off after that. We passed other hikers and again, everyone was all talkative and friendly. We got to the top viewpoint and there were these massive boulders you could climb up and sit on. All I could hear in my head was my mother’s voice telling me not to get too close to the edge. Weird how those things come back so clearly.


We sat and took it all in. We tried not to wig out about how high we were or how one solid gust of wind could derail us completely. We took pictures and I took pictures for other people. Here’s a small side-note which Jill totally makes fun of me for. Anytime I see a couple or group of people struggling to take a selfie or taking solo shots of each other I will 100% offer to take a picture for them. If I pass you and you look like you’re struggling, I will offer to take that pic for you. It’s my contribution to the world :) Ha!

After spending some time at the top (and taking just a fewwwww pics) we hiked back down and passed these two older couples who were hiking down the mountain like BOSSES. It had sprinkled a little so the ground was sort of wet and we weren’t about to let any of these precious pies break a hip on our watch. No way. They were from Illinois and said that this was on their bucket list and they were crossing it off the list today. Whattttt? That’s incredible. Loved their spirit and I hope I’m climbing mountains, crossing things off of my bucket list in 50 years.

We promised to save them some beers at the bottom and did just that. We ate some nachos and drank some ciders--I sort of want all of my hikes to end in this manner from now on. (I took no pics of said cute Irish pub. That means I have to go back.)

The afternoon was spent in the hot tub, playing cards, was great. While we were playing cards the bartender even brought us a sample of her signature cocktail for us to test out. Again, is this real life guys? It was a Fall Sangria and it had cider, chardonnay, spiced rum, and a few other things in it….it was so good.

For dinner we went to a place that was recommended to us called Casey's Caboose and boasted a complete gin & tonic menu. Like, an entire page of the menu was just devoted to different types of gins and different types of tonics. It was incredible. Also, they had a cheese plate that had “bacon jam” on it...I don’t even know what bacon jam is but I was a total fan. I ordered the mac and cheese for dinner which I’m not sure I’ve ever ordered in my life but it was the dish that was recommended to us and I am so glad I did! The bowl was bigger than my head and sooooo good. We ended the night around the fire pit again and made all new friends. Seriously, fire pit culture needs to extend to other places.


I got Casey's Special G&T....highly recommend it. 


The next morning we lounged around playing cards in the lobby and drinking coffee. We heard about a place with the best pancakes in town and Jill’s main request of the weekend was that she has an excuse to use real VERMONT maple syrup. I don’t particularly like pancakes but was willing to give these “best ever” pancakes a tester...when in Rome ya know? All the hype turned out to be true because when we got there it was going to be an hour and fifteen minute wait! We put our names in and headed out on a trail while we Vermont of us right? The trail we hopped on was actually part of the Appalachian Trail and it made me think of all of the people that have made the journey on that exact path. It made me feel connected to all those people who’ve done that journey and reminded me how we really all walk the same roads don’t we?


We worked up an appetite and scooted back to Sugar & Spice for what turned out to be one of the best breakfast experiences of our lives. The pancakes. You guys. THE PANCAKES. And I don’t even like pancakes but, really, they were incredible. Plus, can you even see the pancakes under that ice cream scoop of butter? Ahhhh! I got the special cinnamon and sugar ones and I may never eat any other pancakes again. Literally, so delicious. We had a good laugh because on the menu it said there was an extra charge for “fake syrup.” Haha.


Vermont, I love you. You delivered on so many levels. I even bought the beanie. 


Oh and on our drive home we stopped at this know, just breathtaking gorge’s to stop and ooooh and ahhhh over.


You know that quote about doing what sets your soul on fire. Travel. Music. Storytelling. Beauty.  Literally sets our souls on fire.

Much love,




Big News. Big Changes.

Hi friends!

How are you? We are doing just fine--thanks for asking :) No really...we are and we have some major news for you. We want to share it with you...and it’s finally time. Hoo-freaking-ray!

Have you ever felt stuck? Like, really stuckkkkkk. Not a temporary “funk-stuck”---but in a really, really, thick stuck-ness? (Very technical term.) Well, if you’ve ever had that feeling, we feel ya. Cause that’s where we’ve been. And I hesitate to say “been” like it’s past tense...because we are still kind of in that...but we are taking active steps towards getting unstuck, like woah, and we’re going to tell you what that means.

Last year we wrote an eBook about finding inspiration and one of the exercises we suggested is to “change up your routine or shake things up” when you’re feeling stuck. So, being people who don’t like to give advice unless we’re willing to take it, we did. Like, we reallllllllly did. You ready for this? Here’s the short story:

  1. Jill sold her house in Nashville where we both were living.
  2. We sold almost ALL of our belongings.
  3. We are going on an adventure (and you’re coming with us. Please don’t leave us. Ha!)

WHAT? Have you guys lost your ever-loving minds? I’m envisioning your brains squealing to a halting stop right about now. Say what? Yup. We did it guys. Sold every piece of furniture. Sold every piece of artwork except for one painting. Had a garage sale. Gave approximately 2 full car loads to Goodwill. We each kept a few bins of “keepsake memorabilia” in storage, but other than that, we are FREE. We are now each traveling with one suitcase, carry-on roller bag, a backpack, and a purse (and of course our guitars!). And it feels amazing. So freeeeee! We’ve really taken the minimalism thing to the next level...haha! (Thanks Marie Kondo)

Now, let’s back up to how we got to this decision.

In May of this year we recorded some acoustic covers. We had such a good time recording our Acoustic Covers Vol 1 album in 2014, that we decided to do more. Our awesome licensing company in LA was also excited about having these new songs to pitch for TV/Film because covers are SO HOT RIGHT NOW...or so sayeth the cool kids.

So, we decided the theme was going to be “throwbacks” and we sat down to try and make some of these favorite songs our own. We started with the upbeat, life-giving anthem by Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Want To Have Fun! We began messing around with the song, and low and behold, this EPICALLY sad, slow, tear-at-your-heart, make-you-refill-your-wine-glass-5-times version comes out. We sort of just looked at each other with blank stares. Then there were a few tears. Because we had this realization: we weren’t having any fun anymore.

We wanted to...but we just weren’t. We still knew that we loved music. That we loved songs. We loved writing. Singing. Harmony. Melody. The way music just reaches down deep inside of you...we still loved it...but we weren’t having any FUN anymore. In all of the hustle and bustle...the trying to make it work...we lost the element of fun. It was work. It was struggle.  And if you know us at all or have been following us for any amount of time, you know that we LOVE fun. Fun is life, guys. And we just weren’t having any. We wanted the lighthearted, the laughter, the spontaneous....and it just wasn’t happening.

The last few years have been a hard blur of sorts. We lost one of our dearest to cancer. We lost jobs. We lost money. Loss was a common theme. Not sure what it was, but we just couldn’t seem to get over the hump of stuck-ness. However, we weren’t ready to be done either.

We DEFINITELY don’t feel like it’s over. So don’t go thinking this is a “the end” blog because we know and we hope you know: the only way to fail is to quit and we have about ZERO plans of quitting so...yeah. Just needed to put that out there :) People like you have kept us going and keep us going. Your emails, meeting you at shows, hearing you respond and relate to our songs and our blogs. You guys bring meaning to us and inspire us to keep making music, writing, and sharing life with you guys. 

We’ve had an incredible career so far and we are honestly so grateful...and we’ve definitely had bouts of success. It’s not like we’ve totally failed. But, the last couple years have been so stressful...and mostly stressful because we’ve been trying to make money from music and like any indie musician will tell you, it’s tough. For the past couple years we have invested, invested, invested in every aspect...and we have seen the return on investment in almost every area, except for financially. And we’re still believing that one day that will turn around--we 100% believe that we will make livings off of our music and songwriting, etc. But right now, it’s not happening. We’ve been so fortunate to have other awesome jobs to help us pay the bills, and we still do.

Anyway, we just sort of found ourselves in this spot where we’d played the big stages, traveled the world, lived the big dream...but also, nannied, eaten beans and rice, and gone into debt from making investments in our career. We invested everything we had and got to a point where we had to decide. Stop? Change? Quit? Keep going hoping for the best? 

So, one day in June, Jill said out of the blue: what if I sell my house and we can pay off some bills, chase some fun, find some inspiration, and kick-off a new season. We needed to get unstuck and shake things up. Chase the things that are life-giving. My immediate answer was: YES. And so twenty-something odd days later, the house was on the market and 10 days after that, it sold. Sayyyyy whaaaaaaat? SOLD.

Honestly, and this is hard to say, but neither one of us thought that life would turn out like this. At this point in our lives we both thought we’d have songs on the radio, be touring more, be winning Grammys (hello 7th grade dream), have “established” careers and so on. And on personal levels, we thought maybe we’d each have awesome husbands right now...maybe have each had some kiddos….but that’s just not the way things have turned out. And of course we struggle with comparing our lives to our friends, peers, and strangers our age. 

But, life doesn’t always go the way you think it’s going to go and maybe you’re reading this also thinking that you thought you’d be somewhere else or life would look differently. And you know what...that’s okay. Why? Because we’re all in this together. And it’s never too late. Ever. And where we are, and where you are, in life, is right where we’re supposed to be. We truly believe and trust that this is true. We also believe it’s possible to make change. Don’t believe the lie that says you’re stuck, it’s over, things will never change, etc. It’s just not true.

One thing that we’ve talked about FOR YEARS and you all have told us to do FOR YEARS, we are finally going to do. This new adventure season is the perfect time to do it. Friends, will you go on this adventure with us?

We give you: GIRLS JUST POD TO HAVE FUN (coming this fall!)


Ahhhh that’s right. (Also, doesn’t everybody have a podcast now?) This is our podcast about fun and what to do with life when it hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would. This podcast will be following our journey (it’ll be a journey because we really don’t have many plans yet or know the outcome of anything) back to finding the FUN in life....interviewing our fun friends, having serious talks and ridiculous talks...all while recording it for you.

Here’s something we talk about in our first episode, but it’s crazy you guys. When you move, movement happens. Change begets change. The day after we decided to sell Jill’s house and go on this adventure, we had told a total of zero people. But, literally the day after our decision, our phones both buzzed with a text from our friend Luke who is a ridiculously talented producer. His text said he wanted to produce 4 songs for us and that he had a hole in his schedule freeing him up to work most of August and September. We’ve been wanting to work with him for ages, but he’s a really busy dude. He’s produced stuff for Walker Hayes, David Kroll and so many other awesome artists. So, we did it. The last 6 weeks before closing on the house we recorded 4 new songs! We made HAVING FUN a priority and IT WAS SO FUN. (Scroll down to the bottom of this blog to see more pics from the studio.)

So, we are also going to be releasing NEW MUSIC too. It might be those 4 songs or we might go back and record a few more, but really...those 4 are almost done and we think you are going to love them. We LOVE them.

So, our first stop on this new adventure is New England. Because, obviously. New England is where we met and started this whole shindig circa 14 years ago. New England is where we both graduated from college. It is also where Jill is a straight-up native and her parents still live in a house that is a quarter-mile from the ocean (all the praise hands!) New England is where some of our best friends still live. So, last Friday, September 29th, we loaded up Jill’s car (mine is staying in Nashville so we have wheels when we’re back) and we hit the road. We drove all day, spent the night in Virginia, and made the rest of the drive Saturday. We literally drove straight to the ocean and it was pitch black, but we had to see it. We had to document the end of a hard, stuck season and feel the 40-degree ocean air fill our lungs with hope, newness, and an excitement down deep in our bones. We took this picture and had to use the flash because it was PITCH BLACK. But look at the excitement on our faces! Look at it, guys. It’s real.


People have asked us what “our plans” are, and frankly, we don’t have many or any that are set in stone.  Except to be in the moment and to be present as much as possible. To chase the things that are life-giving to us. To experience freedom and joy again. To re-ignite our passion for what we were made to do: sharing stories through making music. When you don't have plans, it leaves room for anything to happen. And we are up for anything. We can't wait to find out what it is.

So there you have it. We told our friend Bob our “plans” (ps. what’s a word for non-planned-plan, cause we need one) and he said, “Oh, it’s what the Australians call a “walkabout.” Yes, perfect. Of course the Aussie’s know what’s up: A walkabout. So we want you to join us on this walkabout for two reasons:

  1. We like you and we’d like the company.

  2. We will test out this theory for you. We will see if you can really get yourself unstuck and turn your life around. Therefore, if it turns out really badly, you can learn from us and not do the same thing...haha. But if it’ll be proof that you can get unstuck and chase fun yourself too.

So, let’s do this thing. Podcast, coming soon. New music, coming soon. FUN, coming soon. Change, coming soon.

Thank you guys for being in this with us. We’re in it with you. Let’s go.

Jill and Kate

First day headed into the studio..

First day headed into the studio..

Working on a song. That's Luke in the middle and Seth Earnest who co-produced these songs with Luke. He is a GEM. So creative. So humble. 

Working on a song. That's Luke in the middle and Seth Earnest who co-produced these songs with Luke. He is a GEM. So creative. So humble. 

Jill in her happy place.

Jill in her happy place.


It's A Trap

I’m just going to ramble here for a second. Stay with me...or don’t...I’m literally just thinking out loud...and by out loud, I mean on paper...and by on paper, I mean on my screen. Good Lord, I’m already rambling. 

So, it’s Sunday. I woke up early, all on my own, and I essentially have the entire day free. Aren’t these kind of days totally awesome? They are rare and wonderful and I just don’t want to miss the good glory of it. So, I woke up at 7:27am and the only thing I *have* to do today is meet wonderful friends for dinner who are flying in from out of town. That’s happening at 6pm.

That means that I have approximately 10 hours before I have to leave for the dinner... and let’s say 9 hours of TOTAL FREE TIME myself an hour to get ready...which is a lie...I’m going to spray some dry shampoo in my hair and probably do my makeup in the car because that’s how I roll. 

So, that leaves me with 9ish hours to do whatever I want. So let me recap and bring you up to speed on what I’ve done:

  • Went for a 3 mile run...aka...week 8 of my couch to 10k training...I’m really on week 10 but didn’t feel up for running for 45 min today. Yack. 
  • Got back, ate some cereal & had coffee and chatted with a friend who is staying with me who used to live here but now she lives in Denver. (I am including so many unnecessary details but I can’t stop...)
  • Wrote in my journal. (wouldn’t you like to know…)
  • Paid some bills. (on a Sunday, I know...why Kate, why?)
  • Made lunch...really more of a brunch...but whatevs. Egg white omelette with chicken sausage, broccoli, onions and tomatoes...with a side of guacamole.
  • Showered. Even shaved my legs. Winning. (but didn’t wash my hair because of earlier said dry shampoo use. Dry shampoo is life and if I washed my hair as much as Jill did that would be my full time gig. Just washing and drying my hair would’ve taken half of my day. It’s nuts. Ahhh, again with the non-useful info. Sorry.)
  • Threw in a load of laundry. 

AND THIS BRINGS ME TO RIGHT NOW. It’s 1:51pm and I’m just not sure what to do with myself. I have a “to-do” list that I could definitely cross some things off of...doesn’t everyone always have a proverbial list of all the things I should do in my free time but never really do. Like cleaning my car, or organizing my closet, or sorting out my pile of “I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-you-papers” that have been piling up since March. Part of me wants to GSD (get sh$t done)  and the other part of me wants to lie on the couch and watch Bloodline and if I’m honest--maybe have a glass of wine...but I find this internal voice in my head telling me I should go, do, be, see, work, cross-off, hustle, etc. Instagram is not going to instagram itself you know.

Why is it so hard to rest? To say, I am enough. I have done enough. I can lie here on the couch and chill. Why do we feel so guilty about that? Also, I’ve already gotten a few things done today. Exercising, laundry, journaled, paid bills...I should be able to say to myself, “good job self. Look at what you’ve done. Go do whatever you want now. No need to cross off or document or do anything with jazz-hands.” 

All of these thoughts led me to sitting down at my computer to write this blog...and if I’m honest I wrote it for 2 reasons. One, because I get my best thinking out on a keyboard in words--it’s my way to process, to filter out all of the noise...and two, I wonder if deep down if I wrote it, then I’d feel another wave of accomplishment allowing me to finally rest. THAT’S CRAZY MAKING KATE. Gah, I should be able to rest, not because I’ve done anything, just because I’m human. 

I think with social media, we see peers going and doing and seeing and accomplishing and sometimes I’m like--cool, i’m just going to be here on the couch guys. Or sitting by the ocean, looking at the water for hours, doing nothing. And boy, that’s got to be okay. I am working on my inner dialogue. My inner voice that tells me I need to keep up. BUT IT’S A TRAP. You can’t keep up. You just have to go at your own pace. You are your own pace-setter for the race that you’re on. 

And all of this can be summarized into what I am really trying to focus on: be present in YOUR moment and don’t be anywhere else. UGHHHH. That’s so hard for me. I’m a 7 on the Enneagram and so I am always looking for the next adventure or exciting event...and I miss stuff, you guys. I miss it because I’m not always present. I literally may need a tattoo on my hand that says PRESENT...that’s how quickly I forget. When I park in a parking spot, I am thinking about  the best way to get out of the parking lot. Say wuuuuttttt? Truth. 

OOfta. If you’re still reading. Thank you. Ha...this was my way of processing and to process I normally do a lot of rambling...this was maybe even an excessive amount of rambling...even for me. 

To summarize: don’t keep up with someone else’s pace--it’s a trap and be present in YOUR moment and don’t be anywhere else. 

Alright. I’m off to go watch Bloodline. Love to you all. Thanks for being in this together with me. We really, really are, all in this together. 



We Fought The Law


Happy Friday, Friends!

Cover Sessions are complete! (For now...)

We are releasing our final acoustic cover today and it’s about a little run-in we had with the law. And by “run-in with the law” we mean the song is titled I FOUGHT THE LAW and that’s the extent of our interaction with the law. Haha!

We love how inspiration can come to us in all different ways. Earlier this year we binge-watched the entire season of Big Little Lies and loved the cinematography, storyline, the acting, AND the much so that when we decided which songs to cover, we knew this needed to be one of them! We changed the song up dramatically and made it as eerie and haunting as possible.

Basically this song is perfect for fall and we hope it puts you in the mood for all things dark and moody and pumpkin spicy. :)

We’ve had a blast releasing this batch of covers…did you have a favorite out of the bunch? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment with your favorite song. You can listen to all of our covers on Spotify, iTunes and anywhere music is sold/streamed.

Much love from your running-from-the-law-rebels,

Jill and Kate



side stage with coldplay

In celebration of FIX YOU coming out on Friday, we thought we’d share a couple pics of when we saw Coldplay in England in 2012. We were singing backup for Kelly Clarkson and so Kelly & Coldplay were both a part of The Capital Summertime Radio Ball: a giant, 80,000 person show with a ton of different artists who all play 4 or 5 songs. Coldplay was right before Kelly and so we got to stand on stage during their set. Insert happiest version of Kate you’ll ever see. She literally was glued to the side of the stage and smiling like a weirdo THE ENTIRE SET. It was the coolest to be side-stage and see the crowd well as get an upclose view of the Coldplay dudes doing their thing. THEY ARE THE BEST.

So, here are a few pics...please note Kate's giant, HAPPY, over-the-top face. 

The view from side stage. LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE.

The view from side stage. LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE.

Guy, Chris, Jonny....{Will not pictured}...all rocking it. 

Guy, Chris, Jonny....{Will not pictured}...all rocking it. 

Have you ever seen Kate's smile this large? 

Have you ever seen Kate's smile this large? 

And just for's one of us singing with Kelly right after Coldplay! Such awesome memories. 

And just for's one of us singing with Kelly right after Coldplay! Such awesome memories. 

Don't forget. FIX YOU on FRIDAY (August 11th) on Spotify, iTunes or wherever you buy/stream music. xo j&k 




Happy Monday!

We hope you guys have been enjoying our latest #ACOUSTICCOVER sessions that we’ve been releasing. The next one we are releasing THIS FRIDAY--AUGUST 11 and it is one of our favorite songs EVER.

Let’s review. Our theme for this batch of acoustic covers has been “THROWBACKS.” Because, well, why not? Older songs allow us to really put our own spin on classics that everyone knows. Girls Just Want To Have Fun was our first release. Leaving On A Jet Plane was our second….

And now, ladies and gents….our next acoustic cover is FIX YOU by COLDPLAY!

Can you handle it? We cannot. There are many reasons why our excitement levels are off the charts... we shall explain.

  • If you know us at all, you know that we are obsessed with Coldplay...and in all actuality I, Kate, am by definition: a super fan. I have seen them live on 3 continents (which all happened sort of by accident) but every time has been the best time of my life. If you haven't seen a live show of theirs...GO RIGHT NOW AND GET TICKETS. The energy and emotion and just overall GOOD TIME is next level.
  • I am 100% positive that someday we will sit at a piano and sing with Chris Martin. Don’t worry….Will, Jonny and Guy will all be there too. It’s going to happen and it’s going to be magical.
  • Let’s talk about the lyrics to this song. They are some of the most simple, yet profound & gut wrenching, emotionally charged lyrics that you hear and immediately identify with.  
When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
When the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
High up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
If you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
  • So, we were nervous and excited to take a stab at recording our own version of this with all of our covers they are all LIVE + ONE TAKE. That means when we are recording in the studio if one of us messes up we have to stop and start all over. This is not how recording is typically done. But, we chose to record it this way because we feel there is some sort of magic and rawness and emotion when we do it this way.

Anyway. Mark you iCals and your Day Designers because on Friday you can hear our version of Fix You and we hope you love it and we hope that Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will like it too.


Love y’all,

Jill and Kate

PS. Here’s the artwork!