Wine & Cheetos #31Days2016

Recently I posted a picture on Instagram of my #adulting action of the day which was an afternoon snack (ahem, dinner) of wine and Cheetos. (Full disclosure: they were actually Nik Naks which are the South African equivalent. They are SO good you guys. I'm addicted. But for the sake of the story, let’s just call them Cheetos.)

What was funny about this #adulting post, embarrassing as it could have been, was that so many people were like “ME TOO.” Haha, I loved it. You know why? Because no one likes to feel like the only one. There's this beautifully freeing thing called honesty that I think we should all partake in more than we currently do.

See, a seemingly mature, responsible 30-something year old should probably not be eating Cheetos and wine for dinner, but WHO MADE UP THAT RULE? Is that a rule? I mean, it may not be the healthiest decision ever, but it’s not illegal. And sometimes, life feels hard and days are long...and preparing a meal for yourself feels like too much work so you just pour a glass of wine, pour a bowl of Cheetos, get under a blanket, and turn on The Good Wife. It’s not breaking the law. (I know, because, Hello, I watch The Good Wife which means I’m super knowledgeable about legal type things.)

The thing is, it’s so hard to not feel like I have to live up to a certain standard right now. My Instagram feed is full of everyone eating their super fancy- hipstery-gluten-free-paleo-vegan-whole 30 home-cooked meals and I feel like I should probably be eating better. And sometimes I do. I can do the super fancy-hipstery-gluten-free-paleo-vegan-whole 30 thing. But not always. Sometimes I eat wine and Cheetos and apparently sometimes you do too. And guess what? That’s OK! It’s actually amazing. We have food to eat. We have clean water whenever we want it. We can watch The Good Wife or really whatever we want. We are alive and showing up as we like to say.

So I’m just here today to say, “good for us!” Whether we are having wine and Cheetos tonight or a well-balanced adult-approved meal...or anything in between, we are all kicking some serious #adulting butt and I’m proud of all my friends today.



                                           Best shirt ever & the kind, talented Joseph! 

                                           Best shirt ever & the kind, talented Joseph! 

     This was at our Heart Of Stone album listening party! Jamie's the best!

     This was at our Heart Of Stone album listening party! Jamie's the best!

Nick drove 4 hours to get to our show! Have we mentioned we have the best fans ever? 

Nick drove 4 hours to get to our show! Have we mentioned we have the best fans ever? 

                                                  All smiles!

                                                  All smiles!

We think this was in Indiana somewhere? Right after Songs On The 17th Vol. 1 came out!

We think this was in Indiana somewhere? Right after Songs On The 17th Vol. 1 came out!



It's BAAAACK. #31Days2016


December is here and you know what that means: 31 Days of Blogging by yours truly, Jill and Kate.

If you’re new to #31DaysofBlogging,’s loads of fun! Catch up on last year's HERE. It was a pretty crazy year for us. We post a new blog everyday for the next 31 days. Woohoo! This is our 7th year doing this. WOWza.

This month is for you, the fans. Remember how we asked you to email pictures of our meet & greets from over the years? Well, you emailed us LOADS of pictures and we are going to be sharing your awesome pictures right here on the blog. The pictures span several years and are from all over the world! How cool is that?

Do you know how much we freaking love you? Do you? We do. You da best.

So we hope you’ll hop on our blog each day with us and journey through the month. We’ll write about all sorts of things. If there’s something you’ve been dying for us to write about, let us know in the comments section & we’ll try to cover your need-to-know topics!

Much love,




                          This was at our very first ever J&K UK show! 

                          This was at our very first ever J&K UK show! 

     Two of our faves....Elle & Jen. They run our #JK UK Fan page and are awesome humans. We have that british heart hanging in our office right now!

     Two of our faves....Elle & Jen. They run our #JK UK Fan page and are awesome humans. We have that british heart hanging in our office right now!

                                                  NYC nights!

                                                  NYC nights!

All In This Together

Alright...who’s ready for the preview of another BRAND NEW item going in our shop on 11.21.16? It’s the “all in this TOGETHER” gray t-shirt!


We all need go-to shirts that we can grab out of our closets and just GO. This shirt embodies the message that we try and live by. This is the reason we write songs, and share stories on stage and in our blogs...because we need to be reminded that we are all in this together and we’re not alone. We think loneliness is the worst disease and that’s why we want to help you share and wear the message that everyone has a place. That we are more similar than we are different and that we really are all in this together.

This is our more classic t-shirt style. It’s unbelievably soft, a great color gray tri blend and fits true to size. It’s doesn’t hug through your mid-section (praise hands) and is not a crop top (more praise hands.) This shirt is adorable with jeans, leggings and soft enough to sleep in.

We hope you are excited for the launch of our new shop...cause we sure are! There will also be other items don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11.21.16 the shop goes live.

Much love,


PS. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999.

Pre-order the sweatshirt below RIGHT HERE:

How Cute Are Kangaroo Pockets?

YES! Time for another NEW shop item preview. Our next item that will be available 11.21.16 is this amazing, heather black, raw neckline “Quit Worrying” sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket.

The best thing about this piece is just exactly how versatile it is. You can pair this with jeans or leggings or workout pants. Who doesn’t love clothes that you can work out in and then also go to grocery store in and feel good about yourself? YESSSS!   

The words are the title to a song we wrote when we were deep in the cycle of worrying & doubt. We were in a tough season and made a list of all of the things we were worrying about and decided (kind of jokingly) that we were just going to quit it. We started writing a song, with the list of things we had just quit and it slowly became our new anthem. It was the message we needed to be reminded of DAILY...ok, sometimes hourly. Can you relate? If you want to read more details about the message or hear the song click here.

This was our best-selling design that we launched last year and completely sold out we knew it was a message you were excited about wearing and sharing :)

Let’s talk about the actual fit. We promise you will LOVE this one. Not only is it super cute & comfortable, the neckline brings it back to being stylish and kinda sexy. It’s eco-fleece on the inside which makes it soft and cozy without bulking. It fits true to size and works well with a tank underneath or sports bra.

Don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11.21.16 the shop goes live.

Much love,


PS. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999.

Don't forget you can pre-order the sweatshirt below right now:

Alive & Showing Up (Best EVER) Tee

Time for another NEW shop item preview. Woop woop! Our next item that will be available 11.21.16 is this adorable, slouchy scoop neck  “Alive & Showing Up” t-shirt.  

We are SO EXCITED about this shirt. The words are lyrics from our song “Quit Worrying” and it is a reminder that each day is a gift. Life is hard you guys. Full of ups and downs...hard times and good times but each day we have a choice to say, yes. Today, I’m alive and showing up. It’s a reminder to take inventory of all of the wonderful things you have in your life and shift your mindset to gratitude.

Let’s talk about the fit of the shirt. Who loves shirts that do not utterly and completely hug your body? (both our hands are raised!) This shirt is a dream for so many reasons. One, it’s a scoop next which is sleek and feminine without showing too much cleavage. You can wear it as a traditional scoop neck or off one shoulder. This t-shirt is in Charcoal (aka a heather black) which just happens to be this season’s HOTTEST color trend. The sleeves are a little longer than the traditional t-shirt length (which who doesn’t love that?) It’s more of a square fit in the body instead of form fitting.

This is the shirt to wear with leggings, a long tank and boots or with jeans and converse. Or throw it on to go to your favorite workout or yoga class. It will make you feel confident, while being comfortable all while spreading a message that you are a part of a vital matter where you find yourself.

Don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11.21.16 the ENTIRE shop goes live.

Right now, you can pre-order this sweatshirt here

Much love,


PS. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999.

MORE LOVE sweatshirt!

It’s finally here and time to show you what we’ve been working on. 

Our plan was to just reveal the design of this sweatshirt today. But, we've decided to make it available for pre-order today because we feel like this is a message we all need right now. It's been a crazy 48 hours and no matter what, we all need MORE LOVE to beat the hate. 

Our first new item available for pre-order is this super soft, eco-fleece “we need MORE LOVE to beat the hate” sweatshirt & you can pre-order it RIGHT NOW here. (It's the only item from our shop that's available for pre-order.)

First, let’s talk about the message. The words. We wrote the song “Same Side” after the tragic Orlando shooting earlier this year. Our hearts broke with the weight of all the hatred in the world. We prayed, we wept and we wanted to respond in some way. We wanted to do more. So, being songwriters, we wrote a song. You can listen to it here and we hope that it resonates with you and reminds you that we are ALL on the same side. The response was so overwhelming because you guys felt it too. We all felt the weight of the sadness but the hope was palpable. The line that everyone kept re-tweeting and sharing was “we need MORE LOVE to beat the hate” and that’s what lead us to putting it on this sweatshirt.

We want to mobilize YOU with the message of releasing MORE LOVE into the world. 

Go the extra mile for a friend. Buy coffee for a stranger. Small acts of great kindness will change us.

Now let’s talk about the actual material & fit of the sweatshirt. It’s so soft people think it’s cashmere. No really, it even looks that good. It is a more traditional sweatshirt with a crew neck but not a tight (feels like you’re being choked.). It has detail stitching that makes it look classy. It’s warm but not bulky. It can be worn on it’s own or with a button up underneath (more like a sweater), with a tee under it or a long tank with leggings.

We let a friend try on the sweatshirt before we had it printed and she wore it that evening and then asked if she had to give it back...haha...we promise you’re going to love this sweatshirt. We want it to give you confidence, comfort and be a part of our community.

Pre-order NOW.

Don’t forget. Mark your calendars. 11/21/16 the ENTIRE shop goes live.

Much love,


PS. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999.

PS. Here is one more pic cute are POLAROIDS!





When The Doorbell Rings

We think you deserve to feel confident ALL the time. Even if you’re lounging on the couch at home or walking into your favorite yoga class--your clothing should always make you feel confident. 

Ever been watching TV and someone rings the doorbell and you think crap--I’m in my “comfortable” clothes...I can’t answer the door like this! HA! Well, you’re not alone. We’ve definitely been there. That’s why we love these new items in our shop: they are comfortable enough to be your “comfortable” clothes and cute enough to answer the doorbell in. Win, win. 

Also, they’re not just for lounging. You can pair any of our items with leggings, boots and a flannel and have a perfect fall outfit. Or skinny jeans & converse...or yoga pants. Which brings up another good point. Spend money on one item, but that one item can be worn multiple ways and have multiple uses. Can you say cha-ching! Saving money on a versatile piece in your wardrobe. Another win, win. 

We can’t wait to show you guys the ACTUAL items. Stay tuned. Shop goes live 11/21/16. Our email subscribers get early access to the shop, so make sure you’re signed up. or text JKJK to 444999. 

Much love,



PS. Here's another sneak peek of the an item below...

Comfort, Confidence & Community

As a lot of you know, we love comfortable clothes. :) It doesn’t matter if we are on a red carpet, standing in line at the post office or on a 15 hour plane ride...comfort is soooooo important to us. At a fancy event it can be a bit more difficult, but for everyday life, comfort is always possible. Yet, we don’t want to sacrifice looking cute & stylish for comfort, and sometimes that’s a hard balance to find.

For years we’ve wanted to create items that are comfortable, make us feel confident, and clothes that we would actually love wearing. We’ve never really done that before. Yes, we’ve had different merchandise for tours or specific albums, but we’ve never had a line of clothing that’s for anyone and for everyday. Until now.

On Nov 21st we are going to be launching our brand new Jill and Kate SHOP--and the items that will be housed in this collection are all items that we have worn and are wearing. We tested out each item. Literally. We wanted all the items to be the best in quality, be super comfortable and there was one more important component we wanted in our items: We wanted the items to be community building. The messaging on these items comes from our song lyrics and life mottos we try to live by.

We might not know about hout couture, but we do know about wanting to feel confident all the time. We wanted these items to make YOU feel confident, while not sacrificing comfort...all the while spreading a positive message in your community.

We think you are going to love the collection and we hope it makes you feel confident, comfortable and a part of our community. Shop goes live 11/21/16. Mark your calendars.

Much love,


Some Questions We've Been Getting:

Why an eBook? 

You may be thinking to yourself why are Jill and Kate--the music duo--writing an eBook? That's a great question and we're happy you asked. One, we love writing. All forms--songsblogs, poetry, etc. We love words and the power they have to transform, to combat loneliness and bring hope, joy and togetherness. Two, we have met so many people along our journey that have asked us about staying inspired and how we pick ourselves up when we don't think we have the strength to. Because of this, we wanted to share with you what we've learned & tools that helped us get back to us again. 

Last year we had a rough year. It was a year that rocked us and we had to face some of the toughest questions we've ever had to face. We thought about quitting music. We thought about giving up. But, we didn't...we took small steps that ultimately led us to being re-inspired. And inspiration for whatever field/career/stage of life you are in, will save you. 

You have all you need to get out of the rut inside yourself, you might just need help unlocking it. We made this guide specifically for you to take small steps, everyday to bring about change. Every single exercise or activity in the book that we recommend we have done or are still doing actually. 

Who is the book for? 

The book is for men & women who find themselves in a rut. If you just faced a major loss, or are facing a big transition: this book is for YOU. If you just had your heart-broken or are thinking about starting a business or being more creative with your kids or marriage or looking to be happier in general...the tools for change are inside this book (and really it's all inside of you.) Let us help you go from a RUT to REJUVENATED. Read more FAQ's here

Are you guys still writing music? 

YES! Oh my gosh, YES. Since taking this inspiration journey it has basically uncorked a deep well inside of us and we have been writing like crazy. Music has always been the core of Jill and Kate and it will always be. We have been co-writing with some other writers in town and that has been AMAZING. We can't wait to share this new material with you. We don't have a timeline yet..but when we do, obviously, you'll be the first to know. 

When will new merch be available? 

We LOVE that you guys are so anxious & excited for our new merch store to open! Next month. New items. We have never (EVER) worked this hard on creating items in our store that YOU WILL LOVE. Our email friends will be the first to know & have exclusive shopping time before the store even opens. Stay close. 

We love, love, love seeing so many of you sharing your inspiration journey with us (#inspirationadventures) as you go through the guide.

The book goes away on Nov 1 at 12am EST: GRAB YOUR COPY + start your way from a rut to REVIVED. 

Much love,

Jill and Kate

Our New eBook + A FREE Chapter

Hey guys! We are SO pumped that so many of you have downloaded our brand new eBook! If you are wondering what this book is all about, click here for a FREE chapter. We want you to get out of the rut of being uninspired or stuck and back to being inspired, energized and rejuvenated.  

The eBook is going away on Nov 1 so make sure you grab it for an introductory price of $7.99! 

Much love,

Jill and Kate

PS. Everyone who downloads the book will get admission to a FREE webinar with us where we will talk all things inspiration, you can ask questions and we can join together on this journey. Download your book now. xo

Transformational (A Writing Exercise)

As promised in the 2nd video of our Inspiration series, here is a writing exercise we do that dramatically helps us find inspiration when we are in a rut!

In case you missed it, here is how to do this writing exercise:



Grab a book.

Close your eyes.

Open the book to any page.

Put your finger on a point on the page.

Open your eyes.

What word is your finger pointing to? Take that word and write it down. Now set a timer for 6 minutes and just start writing about that word. You can write WHATEVER comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be poetic or fancy. It can be a list or a rant or just whatever comes out. The point is to just let your brain take you on a journey and see where you end up.


We do this A LOT. Below you can read what each of us wrote about the word “transformational.”


Give it a shot! You can use this word that we picked, or you can pick your own word. Either way, we’d love to see what you end up writing. Send us what you write at or comment on this blog below so everyone can see. Whichever you prefer! Ok, here we go….






Change. Moving from one thing to another. What once was to what will be. But what about the middle? What will happen in the middle of the big transformation? Do you even realize you are having a transformation. LIke growing from childhood. Do you realize you are changing and growing or does it come at you like a ton of bricks one day? I want to be transformational. SOft like clay but sturdy like clay too. That’s the balance I guess. The clay makes a big transformation. Dirt, mixed with some water. Then molded and maneuvered and worked. SO worked. The clay gets worked. THen some final touches. Final moldings, final cutting away, trimming. But it resembles something. It has a shape, form, purpose. And then it gets thrown in the freaking fire. FIRE. BUt it was made to withstand the fire and it takes on its final form...ready and purposed. What a transformation.
I guess we’re all transforming and being transformed. New skin. New hair. New cells. New life.




Starting here, ending there. Going from one place to another. Growing, changing, becoming. I think of the times in my life that were transformational times. College. New jobs. Moving.
Cooking: taking ingredients and transforming them into one delicious item.
It’s scary, transformation. It’s exciting. How can it be both?
Looking back, I think most transformation has been good, but some still hurts. One thing I know is that we are always transforming--becoming something new.
What would the world be if nothing ever changed? Boring, redundant, stale.
Transformers. My brother’s toys when we were kids. I wanted to play with them too. I never saw the movie “Transformers” and I really don’t ever plan to.
The journey of transformation is never ending, always exciting, sometimes fun, sometimes terrifying. We can’t get away from it so why do we try?
From caterpillars to butterflies--the ultimate example of transformation. So much darkness--maybe pain? Loneliness in that cocoon, but so much beauty when you get to the other side.

Lying To Yourself

Are you lying to yourself?

Let’s be honest. We all have those small voices that try to creep up in our heads and tell us lies. If you are pursuing a career, a dream, a family, anything...don’t think for a second that you’re alone in this struggle. We can guarantee you that you are not...and unfortunately even the most confident, put-together person you know has faced these same small inner voices. We heard someone wise once say that no one has a positive, confident, inner self voice. We can’t live in negativity, so what do we do? We re-train the inner voice.

How do we do that?

First, by calling out the lies. Face them head on and then shut them down. If you’re chasing a dream or a new career or if you've been at the same one for 20 years, you might be facing them too so we thought we’d address three common lies that we’ve had to fight through. You might be telling yourself a version of one of these, you might identify with all three, or you might be facing different ones and that’s okay. These are three that we have faced ourselves and want to help you overcome.

1. You’re not good enough.

If you’re breathing right now you have probably faced this lie. If you are a parent or student or banker or dancer or “insert ANYTHING here” you have probably heard this still small lie surface at some point.

This lie can be crippling (like most lies) but this one in particular can cut off the oxygen to your self-worth and keep you frozen and stagnant. If you are hearing this in your head or heart, it’s time to evaluate and remind yourself of some truths:

Truth #1: You have blood running through your veins and a heart beating in your chest, so you are automatically enough. For real, you are put here on this earth not as an accident, but on purpose...for a reason...and that, friends, is enough.

Truth #2: Everyone is faking it until they make it. No really. Everyone is learning as they go. And that age-old adage is so right on: “Fake it until you make it.” And the secret there is just by continuing, by pressing in, by putting in the time, you will learn, make mistakes, fail, grow, and succeed. By doing all of that, you’ll be making it. So "faking it" is really just putting on an extra layer of courage because you may have to learn on your feet and just not give into the fear that tells you you’re ill-equipped or not good enough. PS. If you are a pilot or doctor we implore you to not take the “fake it until you make it” advice. Hahaha. Please and thank you.

Truth #3: You are better than you think. Really. Whatever industry you are going after, there has to be some reason you were drawn to it and you are probably better than what you are giving yourself credit for. The one slightly positive note about this little lie that you’re dealing with is that it means you are self-aware. Self-awareness is an incredibly helpful tool to have in life.  So, yay! 

2. You’ll never reach your goals.  

Not with that attitude! This lie is all about mindset. It’s one of the more simple lies to undo and all it takes is some simple, focused time.

Quiet your mind. Grab a pen and some paper if you are a visual thinker. Make a list of your goals. Now make a list of all of the steps you’ve taken to reach them. Chances are you are WELL ON YOUR WAY to reaching your goals. Maybe you’re not seeing the progress you’d like? Or maybe you need to set smaller more tangible goals? Or maybe you’ve never set any goals in the first place and so quantifying “never reaching your goals” is actually true. If you don’t have goals, you’ll never reach any.

Now repeat after us:

I am reaching my goals every day. The small steps I am taking each day are leading me to succeeding.

Now, this will help for a little while. But, go ahead and google positive affirmations on Pinterest. Print them out and put them where you’ll see them. The words we see fill our minds and make a HUGE impact on what we think and how we act. So, find ‘em, print them, read them, embody them.

3. I'm Going To Fail

Ah, the F word. The giant, mother-load of the word. FAILURE. This one word is enough to suffocate all of your creativity, mojo and willpower in one fell swoop.

If you focus on failure it won’t make you fail, it will make you not even try.

Failure feels like the plague or some awful non-curable disease that you’ll be labeled and stuck with for the rest of your days. But the only way to really and truly fail is not to try at all, or to quit because you’re scared.

If you talk to anyone successful, you will find one commonality: they have ALL failed. Failure is a part of learning. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a teaching tool. It’s useful to the process; it’s necessary in fact. Like, super necessary. Failure is such a good teacher. Instead of running from it, embrace it. We’ve had our fair share of failures. From on stage blunders to business deals failing to getting paid $8 for a show that cost us $17 to park. Yeah, do the math on that one.

But, we can tell you this honestly. Each one of the failings has taught us something about ourselves personally or our business...or most times both. When you learn how to lose it’s really helping you learn how to win because you can’t have one without the other. Marcie Allen said this great phrase: "Fail forward." Yes. Failing is moving forward.

So, go ahead and fail. It’s ok. It means you are trying and if you keep trying long enough, you will win. We often say to each other: the only way to fail is if we quit.

You have freedom to try and succeed and to try and fail.

And here’s the thing, if you’re 15 or 50, these lies might keep popping up like whack-a-moles. We’re not sure if they ever go away completely, BUT the faster you learn the tools to combat the lies, the more natural it will become.

There you have it. What tools and tricks do you use to combat these voices? Just hit reply to this email. We can't wait to hear from you. We are all in this together. 

Much love,

Jill and Kate

PS: Remember this GOOD NEWS: You have the power inside of you to change. To face these lies, call them out and kick them to the curb. We aren’t giving you a magic formula. We are passing along tools and tricks we’ve learned from our very own struggles with these lies. We want YOU to thrive, grow and combat these lies so that you can live your best, most authentic, inspired life.


We had the opportunity to see a film screening two nights ago called Embrace. After leaving the film, all we want is for EVERY SINGLE FEMALE to see this film. Young and old, it doesn't matter. Click here to see if there's a screening near you.

The film maker (and star of the documentary) Taryn Brumfitt went on a 9 week filmed journey to find out why women hate their bodies so much after she had an unconventional "before" & "after" picture of herself go viral.

She had 3 children, was unhappy with her body and underwent a rigorous training schedule to compete in a bikini body-building contest. After the competition, she realized that all of the effort was not worth it and she ultimately found peace, health & happiness with her body when she just chilled out, lived life and enjoyed food. She started loving her body.

The thing that surprised us about the film is that it's about body image as a whole, not just about weight. She interviews a severe burn victim and a brain tumor survivor as well as many other women around the world. It is so powerful.  

The film was such a good reminder for us and it definitely struck a chord since we faced our own weight shaming issues last year.

We would highly recommend this movie to any female. It will move your heart and change your outlook on loving your own body. 

Thank you Taryn for inspiring us, for leading in such a brave way and for reminding us all that we are enough JUST THE WAY WE ARE.

Join the movement: #ihaveembraced

Much love,


PS. Just a heads up, there is some nudity in the film given the nature of the topic. Although it is not in a sexual nature, we just wanted to give you a heads up. Here's some info on a parent's guide to the film. 

Friction For Fire

Lately it’s felt like there are a million things going on in my brain. I just tried taking “a little rest” midday to regroup and my brain could not shut off. As I’m laying there I’m replying to texts and emails that I’ve been meaning to. I’m thinking about the flights I need to book, tweaking designs for upcoming projects, the run I need to do, organizing Houses of Africa web launch...all darting around in my head when I’m supposed to be resting. The number of tabs open on my web browser are equal or greater to the tabs open in my brain. Ya feel me?

If you were to ask me to describe this season right now in one word I would say this: friction. There is just a lot going on...and none of it feels breezy. It all feels like it’s all in the make it or break it stage. The fail or fly moments. The, either people are going to look back and say I’m a crazy success, or look back and say I'm a reckless failure.” Let’s be honest, friction is not comfortable, it’s the opposite, it’s uncomfortable.

It feels as though there are loads of plates in the air and I am constantly looking up trying to catch one, trying to chuck them high in the air to make sure they all stay airborne and avoid them all tumbling down to the ground at once. And when one inevitably falls to the ground, I’m trying not to get clobbered by the remnants.

If I’m being honest, all of my engines are running. Every cylinder is firing. I’m tired of the juggling. Juggling is exhausting. If you can relate, first off: Hi! You are not alone. Welcome. Second, you’re doing a good job. Keep going. And third, here is some good news that I thought of while I was lying down trying to rest: friction eventually brings FIRE (the good kind of fire, not the destroying kind. Phew.)

When you are trying to build a fire from nothing (which let’s be honest I don’t know much about), I hear you have to create friction. Create friction and it will bring a trail of smoke, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire. FIRE you guys! YES.

And that’s what I am needing right now: the relief of fire. The exhale that your hard work has paid off and you can sit beside your fire while it keeps you warm, toasts your marshmallows and sends light off into the darkness of the night.

So, let’s not run away from friction. Let’s fight through it because we know it’s leading us to fire. And that's what it will take (I'm telling myself this too), fight. Keep working hard. Keep working at it. Keep on fighting. Get after it. 

Sending you love, energy, and a clear brain… werk, werk, werk, werk, werk...and cheers to YOU. You who are chasing the dream, working two jobs, juggling a million balls...we are all in this together.  Keep going.





New England Adventures 2016


We've been in New England for a week and the time has flown by! The trip is sort of multi-facitated. Here's what's on the agenda: enjoy summertime on the East Coast with some of Jill's some a show in NYC on Aug 24th...and of course, eat loads of ice cream. Cause yes, we've been here a week and have already made several trips to Jill's hometown-local-best-ever ice cream shop. Here we are on our Southwest flight from Nash to Boston...feeling like real bosses that the middle seat was empty. Praise hands all day. 

We had a really fun weekend because one of our BFF's from Nashville, Jenny, flew up to hang out with us and see all of Jill's hometown glory. We packed in a TON-of-FUN in a little over 48 hours. It started on Thursday night...Jenny's flight landed at 10:30PM and we drove straight to the beach and sat on benches overlooking the gorgeous Atlantic to watch the meteor shower! It's like the sky had planned on her arrival and was celebrating! Did anyone else see it? It was incredible. This was the first kind we'd ever really seen clearly. We sat out for about an hour and probably saw over 20 meteors and shootings stars. AH-maz-ing. We couldn't get any photos of them, well because we aren't NASA, but we did take a ton of pictures the next day. Like this gem...three friends with Nubble Lighthouse in picturesque Maine. 

Found a dead crab. Jenny & Kate still didn't want to hold it. Just for reference the Atlantic is still cold as ever even though it was 95 degrees outside. 

We had breakfast at a cute little place in Maine called Stonewall Kitchen that is apparently a big thing but I, Kate, had never heard of it. HOLY CRAP THE JAM GUYS. I normally don't get this excited about jam, but they had rows and rows of different jams and it was sort of like what heaven is going to be like I think. This one, the Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam was my all-time favorite and if you love yourself at all you should order some. Obviously my favorite had "champagne" in it. Haha. Found out they sell this crack on Amazon...all bets are off on how many I may order. 

A highlight of the visit with Jenny was sitting on the rocks just talking. We didn't have anywhere to be or anything to check off of a list. We just pulled off the road, found some high rocks to sit on and just talked. It's amazing what comes from just creating space. Sooo thankful for honest conversations in such a beautiful setting. 

Can't be in New England without having a lobster roll...or two....(winky face.) Jill's mom, Syl, made them for us and they were delicious!

Took a stroll in downtown Portsmouth and found this amazing "Tall Ship" docked at the harbor. That was what everyone kept calling it. The "tall ship" festival. Ha! 

Anddddddd the ice cream. Yup. No way to properly communicate just how good it is. We'll try: it's just SO good. 

Loving our time out here. And so pumped to see everyone in New York! Check out our other tour dates to see if we'll be near you! 



Thoughts From Gate C-9

I'm sitting at the airport thinking about how one choice, one action can cause a HuGE ripple effect. The flight that I'm on was supposed to be boarding in 10 minutes from gate C9 but there was weather in Florida that delayed my flight. It not only delayed my flight, but it also delayed the flight before mine too. My plane is going from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa then to Nashville (to pick me up) and then to Denver, Colorado.

But there was weather in Florida and that weather had a ripple effect. It delayed 3 flights and it got me thinking. For who is this ripple causing some dramatic change to their life? Is it causing them to miss something important? Was someone rushing somewhere to say goodbye to a loved one? Or witness a graduation or wedding and will now miss it? For me, right now as I sit in the food court, it doesn't affect much. I'll get to see my family about 2 hours later tonight than I thought annnnnd I just have to entertain myself longer in the airport (hello Vino Volo 🍷😉.)

I've been talking to some dear friends today about how one person in your life can have such a grand ripple affect in your life & in others lives. If everybody's life is affected by some sort of ripple (because we are all coexisting here) then what kind of ripple am I putting out there? What am I sending out from myself? What wave am I creating? Selfishness? Love? Fear? Hope? Hate? 

Sometimes I convince myself that one person, one idea, one voice isn't enough to cause a ripple...but I'm wrong! It's a trap! Don't fall for it like I have in the past. One person, one idea, one voice can start a ripple that can affect MILLIONS of people. 

So, ask yourself, what waves am I creating? What are people walking away with after colliding with my ripple? 

Just some thoughts from the Nashville airport as I wait at C9. xo -Kate

Inspire Nashville 2016

A couple nights ago we got to attend an event called Inspire Nashville 2016. It was an evening raising funds for Onsite Workshop's Possibilities Inc. & celebrating two honorees, Scott + Tracie Hamilton, for their humanitarian work in Nashville and around the world.  

We have so many things to say about the event that it's hard to even know where to begin.

Let's start with this. In promo for the event we heard things like, "You'll leave the event more inspired than when you came." We both thought, yeah...okay...sounds good. But, neither of us realized how DEAD ON that statement would be. We absolutely were blown away by the stories, the music and by learning from so many amazing friends in the room. 

It would be hard to find two better people to learn from than the award recipients, Scott + Tracie. Their humility and kindness literally radiates from their core. They are genuine in their love and that's something so rare to find. They've been examples for us...lights on the horizon to follow. They kept saying: "We're all in this together. We couldn't do it without you. It takes all of us to make a change. How can you make the world a better place?" Yes. We are all in this together. It takes ALL of us together. 

We heard our friend Bob share about needing friends and voices we trust in our lives. His joy and love will hit you smack in the face in the most lovely way and make you want to get right out of your seat to start making some change. We all need trusted voices in our lives. 

We heard so much GREAT music. Melinda Doolittle, Calvin Nowell, Emily West, Sheryl Crow. Goodness...the voices that filled the room took the event from one level to the next. It felt holy and spiritual...literally like God was in the room. We cried. Like, almost on the verge of ugly crying. 

It's a beautiful thing to see people come together with the main goal of going out afterwards and actively participating in making the world better for others. You don't need a title or a skill set to help those around you. If you hold your hand up to your chest and feel that thumping...that means that you've got what it takes to be a world changer. You're ready. You've got what it takes to make humanity better by showing up and saying "How can I help?" And what's awesome is that the people on the stage weren't doing it for the recognition or applause...they are doing things in secret, going unnoticed, in the background and on the sidelines...doing it quietly for the betterment of others. Bob said it best: "Humble voices carry the furthest."

After an event like that it makes us want to re-focus. It makes us want to slow the busy schedules and the meetings and look closely at ourselves and our business and say: How can we help make the world a better place? 

If you aren't familiar with Onsite, go check out what they do...we cannot say enough good things about them. And possibilities Inc helps people go to Onsite that wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. 

Thank you Miles, Onsite Workshops + Possibilities Inc for the wonderful work you do. Thank you for gathering us all and pointing us in the right direction.

Oh and one more fun note. They had a fancy red carpet at the door which is usually reserved for VIP's and celebs but they wanted everyone to walk the red carpet and feel special and important. Isn't that fun? So we hammed it up and cheesed our way for the photographers like we knew what we were doing. Check out the pics below :)

Ok...we could probably write like 6 more pages about how amazing the evening was, but we'll just leave it here.

Hand to chest. Feel the beating. Go change the person at a time.

Love you all!

To The Brokenhearted on Mother's Day

I had intended to write a blog about my mother and how much she has taught me over the last few years. But, I wrote her a card (that didn’t arrive on time...#fail) and called her today and told her all of the things I would’ve written about here on the blog.

Instead, I have this nagging feeling that I’m supposed to write about something else. But, in all honesty, it scares me to write about a topic so grand, so sensitive, so fragile, so feels overwhelming and so for the majority of the day I just kept putting it off...but my courage has caught up with me and I’m going to try. I may not succeed, but at least I’m going to try.

This is the letter I’ve been wanting to write all day:

To the brokenhearted on Mother’s Day,

I’m sorry and I feel you.

I’m writing to the ones that have lost their mothers.

I’m writing to the ones that have lost their babies.

I’m writing to the ones that are currently waiting to become mothers.

And I’m writing especially to the single ladies (thanks Beyoncé) that find themselves in the situation where motherhood isn’t even an option...cause that’s where I’m at.

When I was younger I didn’t seem to mind as much. I actually didn’t even notice really. I wanted to celebrate my mom and that was about it.

But now on days like today I feel a lonely-heaviness I haven’t felt before. See, a majority of my friends are married and have kids. If truth be told, most of my friends are like, “having their last kid.” And through no fault of theirs, their reality makes me feel sooooo far behind in life. And it feels super lonely.

You might be thinking, well, you could have a baby now if you wanted to. True. I’ve got the goods and I know how the birds and the bees work...but, I really would love to find a husband first. If I’ve learned anything from observing, it’s that being a single parent is hard--like, ‘they should get their own holiday’ kind of hard. In my world, having a two parent home is just where my sights are set...and that hasn’t happened for me yet, which means that being a mom hasn’t happened yet. And because I’m sharing this does not mean that I don’t love my life and yes, I’m trusting in the timing of my life...insert all the good quotes here...I’m just saying days like today feel hard and bring something to the surface that I wanted to get out on paper.

I have all but avoided social media today. Picture after picture of happy people my age with their babies or husbands proudly adoring their baby mama’s. And I want to celebrate with them. I do, and I have. But, if I didn’t acknowledge the heaviness I feel today I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth.

Maybe you’re reading this and you feel the same way. Welcome. Maybe you’re reading this and think I sound like a whiner...that’s okay, you’re welcome here too. I just wanted to write something to address that days like today can hurt.


  • If today is hard because you’ve lost your Mom: I’m sorry and I honor you and your mom today in my heart.
  • If you’re a mama who has lost your baby...born or unborn: I’m sorry and I honor you and your baby(ies) today in my heart.
  • If you’re waiting patiently right now to become a mama: I’m sorry and I am celebrating you in hopes that you will soon step into motherhood.
  • And finally, if you’re like me, where motherhood doesn’t even seem like an option on the table: I’m with you and I honor you in the struggle on days like today that are hard.

You are seen.

You are noticed.

You are vital to your community, with or without a spouse or kids.

If I could encourage you to do one thing today...find a mom in your life who’s doing it well and call or text her and tell her that. Tell her she’s doing a great job. Never cease celebrating even in your own pain. It’s kind of a holy experience...and one that I believe is truly healing.

You are loved. There is hope. Don’t doubt that miracles happen and that all could change in a minute.

You’re allowed to be hopeful and hurting at the same time.

Sending much love to you today,




Why We Care About Kelly Ripa's Return

“Our Long National Nightmare Is Over.”

That’s what Kelly Ripa said as she quieted the audience after a supportive, cheering crowd welcomed her with a long standing ovation this morning.

Yes, you bet your cute butts we were watching this morning with eyes and ears glued to the TV.

Why, you ask? Well, here’s why.

One, we love Kelly Ripa. Actually, we really, really respect her. She is an absolute pro in her craft and never takes herself too seriously. Watching her do her thing is inspiring and we love to learn from people who are doing things excellently. Plus, she loves the fans. She is always polite and kind and tries to talk/take pictures with excited folks in the crowd. She sets an example for us to follow. She remembers that without those butts in the seats or the seats of viewers at home, she has no show. We’ve gotten to meet her once and what you see on TV is what you get in real life.

Two, we have heard all the news cycle drama over the last week after Michael announced his exit to GMA and we wanted to see how she would handle it.

Do you know what was super annoying about all the news? How people immediately called Kelly a “diva” because she was taking a few days to herself. Please note, this was the second time she found out moments before it was announced publicly that her co-host would be leaving. She’s been with the company for 26 years. It just seems like that would never happen to a male co-host. And if it did, if he took a few days to think it over, he wouldn’t be called a “diva” or other colorful words that people have been calling her.

Here’s what we loved about what Kelly said. She said, that she did take a couple days to think things over so that she wouldn’t say something she regretted. She said it had opened up conversations about communication, consideration and respect in the workplace. She said apologies had been made. We watched and had so much respect for her in that moment. That is how real life works. You aren't always going to be in perfect, non-confrontational situations...but through this we were shown an example of how it's possible to work through difficult situations. 

She didn’t cower in fear. we're sure a lot of voices were telling her to just be quiet. To stand still, and look pretty. But she told her truth. And we could not be more inspired by her strength and courage.

We fully believe that when a woman tells her truth, even when it’s hard, even when her voice shakes, even when she loses her job over it (we would kind of know about that), that it moves the needle forward for women everywhere.

We are living in a time when women need to use their God-given voices and experiences to stand up for themselves and for other women.

Kelly, we love you and are SO proud of you. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for telling us that you are human...that the situation hurt, but that through communication and courage you have set an example for us all.

And let’s be honest. If a diva is what you are, then gosh, we want to be diva’s 24/7.

Much love,


PS. If you missed the show this morning you can watch it here.