About Jill and Kate

Best known as former background singers for Kelly Clarkson, Jill and Kate have also distinguished themselves as a singer/songwriter duo of real craft and charm. The pair is driven by their own sensitive, well-rendered tunes and their sterling vocal harmonies. Jill and Kate are based in Nashville, TN.


About Jill and Kate:

Driven by their own sensitive, well-rendered tunes and sterling vocal harmonies, Jill and Kate are a dynamic singing and songwriting duo with the pipes, poise, and personalities necessary to build an explosive career in their home base of Nashville, Tennessee. While Jill and Kate are best known as former background singers for award-winning vocalist, Kelly Clarkson, Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier have emerged from the background to become a forefronting pair.

In the process of taking the next step toward their long-term goals, Jill and Kate joined country star Trace Adkins on tour, as well as Jann Arden for select dates throughout Canada. The two incredibly distinct opportunities have opened doors, eyes, and ears to the talent of the duo, helping them not only garner professional relationships, but exposing them to unique fan bases who immediately recognized the duo’s talents.

The introduction of Jill and Kate to broader fan bases and new musical styles could not have come at a better time, based on what is next for this beloved duo. Representative of their eleven year career, they are releasing their next album Eleven in 2015, featuring lead single “Rocky Road.” Eleven (produced by Dave Welsh of The Fray) is a project that fans have been long awaiting, considering the extraordinary momentum Jill and Kate gained over the years and their identification as a highly respected independent act. 

Though “Rocky Road” is the title of their single, the path to success is paved for a smooth trip ahead for Jill and Kate!


Things You Should Know About Jill:

  • New England native
  • Favorite color is orange
  • Obsessed with word games (especially Boggle)
  • Coffee lover
  • Lover of palindromes

Things You Should Know About Kate:

  • Went to school on 3 different continents
  • Favorite color is pink
  • Laughs at her own jokes
  • Wine lover
  • Obsessive list maker